MCM London Comicon Interviews

Our very own Michael Burhan managed to interview some of Uk's finest at the MCM Comic con at the Excel arena London.

Dave & Rob Interview – Cyanide and Happiness

Mike Burhan talks to Cyanide and Happiness creators Dave Mcelfatick and Rob Densbleyker about their reason to live, why a clown penis and their passion for creating.

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Abnett & Vincent Interview - Tomb Raider Thousand Immortals

Mike Burhan talks to Writers Dan Abnett and Nik Vincent about their Tomb Raider Novel.

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Tom Ska Interview - TomSka Youtube Channel

Mike Burhan talks to Youtube Creator and comedian TomSka.

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Lydia English Interview - GenkiGear

Mike Burhan talks to Co Creator of Genki Gear Lydia English at the MCM Comic Expo
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