Video Reviews – Tales Of Hearts R (PS VITA/PLAYSTATION TV)

Developer: Namco Tales Studio (DS)
Bandai Namco Studios, 7th Chord (PSV)
Platform: PS Vita (Review Copy),  Playstation Tv
Release Date: (NA:) November 11, 2014
Nintendo DS : JP December 18, 2008
PlayStation Vita

JP March 7, 2013 
NA November 11, 2014 
EU November 14, 2014
iOS :

JP October 9, 2013
(US) $39.99
(GB) £30.21

Tales of Heart R was Originally Produced for the Nintendo DS and ported to the Playstation Vita with new 3D Graphic, brand new mechanics and adittional game characters to give the user a bigger and better Tales experience from its Ds predecessor.

Video Review:


Prior to the start of the story, the world of Organica is attacked by Xerom, monsters that consume spiria, the crystalline essence of a person's emotions. To combat the Xerom, weapons called soma are created from the strongest people's spiria: those who possess soma can effectively fight the Xerom, entering the spiria of those infected by them to purge the infection, and become known as Somatics. In the present, Kor Meteor, a young man who inherits a soma from his grandfather, meets Kohaku and Hisui Hearts outside his village: the two are fleeing from Incarose, an evil mechanoid sorceress.

The music is rather ambient complimenting the level design with some fans favouring the DS music over that of the Vita i find both add to the elements of gameplay and give this game a rather exciting and dramatic look which aids to the overall story.


The graphics are rendered in 3d rather than the usual 2d in terms of the ds predecessor, this gives the game a more next gen feel , the vita port gives the game more dimensions with the additional characters and a bigger gameplay style that attribute to the games overall replay value and with the adittion of the 3d character from the normal pixelated characters it brings out a more varied and unique look overall whilst staying true to its predecessor.


Game rating: 8 out of 10

For a more detailed review check out the embedded video.

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