Simpolitics: Dear Anita Sarkeesian

Dear Anita Sarkeesian;

Ever since being introduced to your Youtube video series, Tropes vs Women, and your network Feminist Frequency, I've grown quite obsessed with you in much the same manner that Marvel comic book character Clint "Hawkeye" Barton of the Avengers cannot help but find many of his female tormentors oddly attractive!

Anita Sarkeesian on Tropes vs Women series for Feminist Frequency
My lil cupcake.
Maybe it's the way you appropriated Eddie Vedder's flannel shirt for your own original trendy hipster feminist look. Maybe it's the way those pouting lips say such dirty things as Masculinity, Social Expectation or Sexualization. Maybe it's just because the part of me that refuses to get old still knows a bad girl when he sees one and can't help but flirt with danger. Actually, it's none of those things.

Let's be frank, you burned the Internet, you've even managed to make a living off it, and not a fuck has been given on your part about the millions of men and women, and boys and girls, who are still seething every time your name is mentioned. The fact that this is as a result of videos you've been making for several years and that people are still getting pissed at you is nothing short of admirable.

Me, I know all about the fact that sex sells. It's one huge reason I don't watch TV or listen to the radio. In all honesty, I like sex, even just the thought of it, but I'm not obsessive or so inappropriate to force it on others. There's a time and place for it and that shouldn't be where minors can be exposed to it against the ethical codes of the Media.

But maybe if you wanted to tackle the sexualization of women in and by the Media, you should have consistently tackled a part of that industry that directly has an effect on society's expectations. I'm talking about the folks who gather the intel on what society expects from the Media to begin with.

Instead, you took your knowledge and used it to abuse the intelligence of people who actually can tell the difference between moral and amoral as well as virtual reality and actual reality. You tarred videogamers with the idiot brush and they are not happy about it, because they're not all idiots. Still, they don't quite know how to feel about it all, but I do. I feel you were unfair in your analyses. You made some very good points, but then you used those points to jab at people who didn't deserve it.

Additionally, the fallout that was #GamerGate wasn't the actual argument on behalf of those people. It was the response of every nasty Internet Troll who exists to psychologically bully you for threatening their reclusive and unhappy way of life. Charles Manson, Mark Chapman, the slime that shot Dimebag Darrell; it's that kind of people I imagine who caught the smell of blood and came looking to take a bite out of you and so the real argument against your series was swallowed up in the frenzy and now gamers everywhere look like scum. Well it's probably not what you expected, but it worked for you nonetheless.

So you're gaining financially from this, you've broken through and found yourself a niche. I'd shake your hand on that if I could. After all, never do something for free if you're good at it, right? So if a girl is good at pissing people off, why not get paid for it? It beats whoring yourself like the Honey Boo-Boo family.

But we live in a world where men and women both get paid to do very simple jobs and often very badly.
The likes of you and I, we won't be welcome to work at the likes of McDonalds, Subway or Wal-Mart (thank fuck), but it's hard to get by in a world that's clogged so full of shameless opportunists who will use us like stepping stones. Being used as such is very demotivational and I reckon you know something about that.

But so long as you're happy, fuck the haters, right?! In all honesty, and just between you and me, I don't buy that. Happiness and peace of mind rely on the harmony and balance of the world around you, and especially in regards to your words and actions as you set out in your own pursuit of personal and professional achievement.

For that reason, I just can't help but think that if you'd done all this as a stand up comedy routine, you'd have won yourself a much wider demographic of both males and females, and I bet you're actually a pretty funny lady when you want to be; when you don't have to switch on the teleprompter robot Anita that people are so familiar with. Your behind the scenes photograph with Colbert gave me that impression, anyway.

Stephen Colbert held hostage by militant feminists
The melty smile of an internet ice queen.
But I know that's not what you want. You like the infamy, not the popularity, although the popularity is where you get your financial backing. After all, politicians who set out to be popular might get the majority vote, but they'll never know how to properly raise important issues and get shit done if they don't battle their way to glory with facts rather than sensationalism. Again, admirably, you've managed to do both to an extent.

And whereas I'm certain you'd be awesome to hang out, drink coffee and throw bricks at people with, there's no denying that niggling voice that keeps gnawing away at my insides. There's a new wave of Feminism lately that consists of targeting and trolling men who cannot stand up for themselves, and it's no doubt as a result of the value for life that many British and American people seem to lack in modern times. I'm not surprised. There's been a steep descent in general intelligence to the point where all you need to be a singer is to have a fat arse that you can bounce and to make annoying noises like that Nicky Minge or whatever her name is.

It's a corporate free for all now where you absolutely positively have to have all of the latest cool shit if you want to be a valid member of society. Celebs have to get their clothes off, do something outrageous, have a dumb opinion on society and have a secret sex tape as if they lost some fucking bet that we don't know about. This makes me sad for society and makes my Internet searches quite painful also. The way people of wealth treat people of poverty is increasingly becoming worse than any instance of sexism or racism. On top of that, the shit people will lower themselves to for a pocketful of spends gets worse every time. Just look at Bilzerian's lot.

My understanding of Feminism, first off, is sparing and no doubt invalid after many years of no longer paying attention. The general concensus from where I've been standing is that caring about people regardless of their gender is a big NO-NO! The Feminists I've met are always quick to judge a person's faults (note how I don't say men, because women are often also on the receiving end) but often felt entitled never to have to own up to their personal faults.

So welcome to the Internet, once again, where we don't owe anyone jack shit in the way of a confession or an explanation, which is why your fans and opposers equally know nothing about you, aside from the fact that you really don't like the way the Media Industry sells their trash, and yet you somehow always come to the same conclusion that it's some dastardly phallic deity slapping his megalithic phantom dick across your cheek and demanding to to be called daddy.

Just so you know, women aren't the only ones getting shafted out there so that the board can keep their bonuses rolling in!

And I get it! I really do! I studied Media myself and I've always enjoyed a good political fight. As somebody who's written quality articles at every opportunity to make even the slightest difference, it pisses me off that I barely get a notice when a pair of tits and a nice ass can instantly rack up thousands of views and leave me buried in the forgotten archives of people who actually try.

Also, since us UK writers are quite the observant bunch, I could have long ago pointed out to the UK Gamer Gaters that there is a massive difference in the issues of sexism in the States compared to sexism here. Quite frankly, the culture of elitist sexism in the US frightens me, so naturally you strike me as a sort of Feminist nuke, screaming Boom! and making white collar men dropping a load in their pants whenever they see you dropping in to Starbucks, or maybe you're a little more bohemian when it comes to your cafe of choice.

Am I jealous or envious of your success, therefore? No, because so long as I can get through to a few people, even if only one single person gets my point, it was worth it. That is why I'm addressing this to YOU, Anita! I want YOU to be that one person today.

I really have to give you your due, because you've taken a language that not a lot of people understand and you've empowered change with that. Or maybe you just got yourself a bunch of fans who are constantly delighted with the outrage you've caused time and time again with a demographic that they fear because they don't understand?!

There are a handful of celebs who manage to seriously upset the Internet at any given time. Parents are horrified by the shit Miley Cyrus is doing as a supposed role model to hundreds of thousands of little girls around the world. Is she doing this to please the record company, though, or because she likes to troll us in her own way?

Dan Bilzerian is a fucking scumbag the way he treats women, and he'll keep getting away with it because he's a wealthy, priveleged white boy with muscle tits and "bling". And then there's you. There aren't many people who actually become celebs by pissing the Internet off so shamelessly. Most of them begin as a minor celeb and then go on to outstay their welcome.

And you shouldn't be on this list if you're really fighting for change, but I don't believe that you are. I believe you've made your livelihood not by defeating any opposition in your quest for "equality." I believe that you trolled the Internet into such a frenzy that it empowered the spiteful simply to do that for themselves and that gave you the opportunity to piss off the rest of the world as well. If only they understood. History will be written by the victor.

I have faith in you. You can do this, Anita, but you need hindsight if you are to capture the public spirit and I am here to help you do just that!

Have you ever heard of "Girl Power" or The Spice Girls? Girl Power was a media gimmick created in the UK during the '90s, to encourage not just young women to go out and to do whatever the hell they wanted to do, but it also played a large part in the horrid sexualisation of children while undermining the actual Feminist movement it helped to spark.

In this day and age of all-powerful capitalism, when you have to go through the Media Industry to promote anything, it quickly becomes nothing other than a gimmick. Take a look at Obama becoming the States' first black president and then look to the police brutality committed against the black community ever since. Hope? Gimmick!

Take a look at Piers Morgan's attempt to villify gun owners all over the States, backed by CNN, then look at the amount of shootings that have happened in schools since. Change? Gimmick!

But what did those girls go out and do with their new found powers back when Girl Power was the new craze? They did the same as everybody else does but with all the expertise and grace of an ice skater whose legs have just been amputated. They went out and got drunk and drugged up and made it look as ugly as it really was. Teenage pregnancies also became a disturbing trend, as did serial shagging premier league footballers.

Just like with videogames, though, anything can be trusted in the hands of the intelligent and responsible minority (which is why you upset so many people; men, women, mothers, fathers), but when you make a big deal out of something it will get out of proportion, because people like to push shit as far as it will go, especially when you make it trend. You know all about trending. You also know what happens when you take our toys away, or when Coca-cola takes out the caffeine and sugar. It was always going to be ugly and you knew it. You'd never tell that to your financial backers, though.

Actor Hugh Grant caught with prostitute Divine Brown on Sunset Boulevard
There's a point to this.
Side Note: You used Grand Theft Auto 5 as an example of the sexualization and overall degradation of women in videogames. What you'd have understood if you'd played the games from the beginning, or if any of your friends and co-researchers had bothered to tell you, the GTA franchise is based in a parody world that purposely sets out to be borderline and offensive. 

The fact that there are hookers on streets resembling the likes of Sunset Boulevard may be offensively humorous, but it mirrors reality and degrades the government more for allowing it to have continued in reality when movies have also portrayed this for decades. 

Instead of this issue being resolved, it has been left to become a sad joke and GTA uses Intertextuality in that sense rather than being solely to blame for a problem that even you won't tackle. Get the hookers off the streets and you won't need to censor mainstream media as a preventative measure.

As for young girls and boys being left to make up their own minds about what it means, that is when we begin to cite "irresponsible parents!"

What the aforementioned also tells me, about gimmicks that promote any form of social-politics to the mainstream, is that they try to teach the importance of any one thing but the message always becomes lost if not completely distorted by the mainstream itself. If you can't sell that gimmick, it becomes a lost cause. Your message, though, may have promise, since it was flawed just enough to bring forth academic critics who feel the need to reiterate and to make this an actual movement rather than an argument.

When it was confirmed by EA Games that you wouldn't be working on Mirror's Edge 2, this was good news for both you and your critics. If you developed that game, it would have made a hypocrite out of you and then also failed due to poor sales, such is the effect you have had on gamers.

In an increasingly segregated society, we now have to be so careful about what we say so that it isn't offensive, and as a result, a perfectly good attempt to make the world a better place can be used as a weapon instead of a peace offering. Therefore, people like you and I must roll with the punches. This is a brave new age for Feminism, what with a bunch of angry bitches attacking the dude from NASA because they felt entitled to be publicly offended by his shirt.

The problem with Feminism versus Man is that stout Femimists feel that they aren't really empowered if they should have to count on men as allies in their quest for true equality, again also because their stance includes hating on men and playing the Political Correctness Card. But we both know that there will be no equality so long as we remain natural enemies. Personally, I have no need for Feminism, but I understand how it helps women where they are kept from reaching their full potential.

What they don't seem to realise, though, when they make the profound realisation that they have the right to act as badly as some men, is that any men within spitting distance are just as powerless and therefore are equal in the exact way the true enemy of Feminism would want. The same enemy to Feminism is in fact the same enemy to the Ethnic Minorities also fighting for equality. They're also the same enemy to the poor, regardless of their cultural identities.

These enemies don't ride the same buses and trains and they sure as hell wouldn't be seen eating next to you wherever it is that you dine with your friends. And if you are so famous now that you're living their lifestyle, you should be wary who your friends are.

You know plenty about Intersectionality and therefore you should know that if Feminism is to succeed, it will only be when equality becomes forseeable to everybody. Therefore, your message should appeal to everybody equally rather than to make enemies out of the people you need to succeed, wouldn't you agree?

Side Note: If you're against the sexualization of women but you're also against the types of men who seek to do this, shouldn't you also be against Joss Whedon? For all his love of the strong independent female character, the Avengers movie has two; one (Maria Hill) flying the helicarrier with a serious face (grrrr) and the other (Black Widow) posing with guns (also in tight clothing) in the background as Cap, Thor, Iron Man and Hulk show off their manly-manly skills.

I grew up with Sigourney Weaver as an action hero who could rival Stallone and Schwarzenegger before action heroes such as Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson were allowed to skip the steroids. Linda Hamilton too. By the time Joss Whedon started gushing about what he loves about strong women, they were already a long established Trope of cinema and videogame and they are undoubtedly - in the flawed theory of Tropes - just another cliche, to the point where all they have to do is look appealing and mean at the same time. Kind of like WWE Divas. Seriously, did you see Alien: Resurrection???


What used to make Joss Whedon a good writer of female characters was that he was writing to please the prospective fans as much as the production company. But offer him a sweet movie deal and just like any writer/director, he will whore himself. Now that he's working for Disney and won't be directing all the Avengers movies, I rest my case!

The problem that you and I face, Anita, is that we both have theories like bottomless wells, and whereas we could both have our good points, it's all down to the people to decide what they want, whether we think it's right or not. You have to trust us to be intelligent enough to do the right thing by women in reality. Also, you should respect the wishes of women who wish to be openly proud of their sexuality. It's their choice and we cannot all live by the same standards.

Quite simply, if you don't like something, stay away from it. But if you feel you need to keep chomping at the bit because of the livelihood you've made for yourself in this unstable industry, you should at least show some respect where it's due.

By all means, keep applying your knowledge to the gaming industry if you must, since that is how you've made your name and that is what they're paying you to do. But I've seen a lot of celebs come and go with their quickfire opinions, and the last thing I want for you - after you've come so far - is for you to end up attacking everything thrown your way on Twitter and gradually coming to sounding like THIS:

You're better than that.

Yours Sincerely;


I'm Dan Ashley, writer for It's spelled wrong deliberately. Deal with it. Feel free to share and to comment, and Merry Christmas to you all.
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