Retro Unlim - Behind the Scenes at Play Expo 2014

I had the pleasure of  traveling to Play Expo 2014 with the awesome Gas Head Steve and Novabug on behalf of , whilst there I managed to secure interviews with the awesome Chris Barrie, John Leeson and Jeremy Bulloch Stars that have within their own right have gained notoriety from their respective shows, it's been a dream come true for me and everyone working for the site to meet such outstanding individuals not just from an actors perspective but from a fan, it was an amazing experience and something that i can never repay the owners at Play Expo for.

Retro Unlim @Play Manchester

Chis Barrie (Red Dwarf)

John Leeson

Jeremy Bulloch (Star Wars original Trilogy)

For those who haven't been to a convention and are looking for a fun filled with a mixture of retro and fun gaming experiences then play expo is the place for you!, with conventions in blackpool and Manchester make sure you make play expo a vital stop in 2015!

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