QUANTUM GEEK Episode 6: The Quiet Earth (1985)

This weekend, Dan Ashley reviews '80s New Zealand sci-fi movie The Quiet Earth, starring the late Bruno Lawrence (The Delinquents), Alison Routledge (Rain) and Pete Smith (Once Were Warriors), and based on the novel by Craig Harrison.

Poster art of Bruno Lawrence New Zealand sci-fi movie novel adaptation The Quiet Earth

Scientist Zac Hobson awakens one morning to find that the entire population of Earth has mysteriously vanished after a project to create a global energy grid has gone haywire. Enter two other bewildered survivors; the carefree Joanne and the intimidating and possibly dangerous Api. Together they set out to survive as the cataclysmic effects of Project: Flashlight intensify.

Feel free to comment and share and Quantum Geek will return next weekend with an early Christmas Special. Thanks for listening.
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