Moviefile - Have you Felt The Awakening?

Fade in. A desert landscape.  "There has been an awakening; Have you felt it?…" A raspy British accent inquires just before an unmistakable armor-clad  and visibly startled John Boyega cues the familiar tones of The London Symphony Orchestra. 11 Seconds. That's how long it took for the ones our Dear Leader Stan Lee (May He Live For Ten Thousand Years) calls "True Believers" like myself to forget any prejudices or hang ups they might have had about the new Disney sponsored Star Wars trilogy, at least for a few hours.

Sure, it was only 88 seconds of random footage with only two lines of voice over from someone who is either doing a very good Cumberbatch impression or perhaps maybe even 'The Batch' himself, we don't know.  I'm reaching with that one and probably getting my hopes up ultimately to be let down. For all we know it could be Andy Serkis's finest dialogue of the film, it's shrouded in mystery. No one outside of cast and crew and upper echelons up Disney/Lucsasfilm executives probably know. Star Wars rumors on the Internet were to Internet culture 15 years ago as to rumors about the next iPhone are to today's Internet culture, Interesting, Plentiful, and more than likely completely garbage. Even what little we did know way back in spring of 1999 like Pod Racing and Jar Jar Binks looked like a really cool idea back then. If we only knew, but that's not necessarily going to mean history will repeat itself in this case.

Therein lies the beauty of the 88 seconds that were shown to the world today, it managed to in the same way what Phantom Menace's teaser did 16 years earlier; captivate the audience's attention without giving away any major plot details and reinvigorate the franchise and the fan base.  What's different is that we already know and have a stronger emotional attachment to the characters than in the prequels even if those characters aren't the focus of this upcoming film. All that's left is the endless discussion and debate about what very little we know until the next time viable information is made available to us…which I will do now:


The Galactic Empire: Alive and seemingly still kicking. At least in some capacity.  Despite a "legion" of it's leader's "finest troops" being overrun by a small tribe of primitives and a small covert team of Alliance operatives The Empire is still appears to be a political force in the universe despite not controlling galactic Galactic Center (Star Wars speak for Coruscant aka The Massive city planet and political center of the civilized universe) For those unfamiliar with the now defunct 'Expanded' Star Wars universe…The Empire and The Alliance reached a truce shortly after the Battle of Endor and afterward came a period of infighting amongst the high command of the military and the remaining Moffs (Regional Governors) until one man brought them all to order…but technically none of that happened according to Disney and that a whole different column for another day; So we'll move along. Think if the Germany won The Battle of The Bulge and was able to hold the western front and effectively defend Berlin from the Russians; that's kind of what I think is going on here, A number of systems stayed loyal to the "Imperial way of Life" (Xenophobia and an overall Intolerance toward non humans and or humanoids) and The Empire is still remains a political force in the galaxy albeit not on the same scale they used to be.

The Galactic Civil war has more than likely been downgraded to The Galactic Cold War: Purely speculation on this one based off the two or three brief moments shown A) The Stormtrooper Landing party and B) The Squad of X-Wings flying low altitude over a body of water a tactic used by pilots to avoid radar detection. These two instances have no tangible correlation to each other but appear to paint a picture of a galaxy not quite at Full scale war but not quite total peace.

Return of The Sith. Because of course: This one was kinda obvious. I didn't need to watch a trailer to be able to know that someone would be wielding a red bladed lightsaber. I'm pretty confident even people with cursory knowledge of Star Wars lore knew that one. We didn't know that it was going to be a Medieval Scottish Claymore inspired Lightsaber; Mind: Blown. Well played Mr. Abrams.

I might get some heat for this next line but I stand by it…

Han Solo is the best pilot in any universe. Ever. End of discussion: I welcome your hate Firefly fans. I for one am most excited about the cinematic return of my favorite Imperial Academy Graduate turned Intergalactic Drug Smuggler turned Revolutionary leader, The Original Space Gangster Han Solo. They really did save the best moment for last in this teaser because that last shot of The Falcon maneuvering through the Tattooine skyline was the money shot. I think I watched the trailer repeatedly for that moment alone. Seriously that sequence was an impressive display of CGI that made you almost believe that it was real. I didn't need to see nor hear from Harrison Ford to reaffirm that opinion. Just that shot, on a infinite loop; Forever or Until the next trailer comes out and the cycle of debate and discussion inevitably repeats itself over again.

So that's it that's all we know…The Empire still exists probably, There's a droid that looks like a soccer ball, A mysterious Sith wielding the Lightsaber equivalent to a broadsword, Daisy Ridley riding an unusually large speeder bike, A Flight of X-Wings on approach to blow some shit up presumably, and The Millennium Falcon doing what fans of the series have waited 30 years to see again. This is what we have to last us until most likely the summer or spring. If I was a betting man, I'd have to put my money on either the next Star Wars Celebration in April or San Diego Comic Con a few months later. That's 5 to 6 months before we're likely to see or hear anything official about The Force Awakens. The suspense of waiting is already killing me and it's only been 24 hours.

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