The Croopsident - The Sarkesian ineffect

So Anita  sarkeesian wants to say our gaming industry is feminist and wants only damsels in distress. I would agree if this was the 1980's or 1990's, well early 1990's.

The fact is you can't make cases without examples and I haven't heard one example except grand theft auto and that franchise. See that's the problem, that game is about organized crime, and if you knew history or read about the families and knew your facts.

Not every game is about that. I can name a few games that are female led like final fantasy x, metroid prime, Tomb raider, and let's forget about Resident evil and their female leads.

See these are just a few examples, in sure there are more out there in the industry and if you like I go point out more, the people that believe your criticism, can just ask  The fact is if you dodge questions about your evidence.

 There will be more anger directed towards you. That's another thing that threat you received, don't make it out like gamers in a whole are like that, because well we're not.

You're just making harder for gamers like myself to view your remarks seriously and take you as a credible, because all I can see from my position is that you're just a person that wants to changes games and make them what you want them to be.
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