How WWE Network Could Change The World

Since the companies transformation and ascension to brand dominance one thing has always remained clear in the world of wrestling, that they aways stay ahead of trends.

Vince McMahon Jr changed the face of wrestling by taking the company international, he took a relative unknown in Hulk Hogan and made him a household name, by assuring his victory McMahon let his entire companies prospects ride by creating something that became common place in todays society, a relative dying art now with the rise of internet entertainment, that is my friends the PPV broadcast. With Wrestlemania Vince managed to bring WWE into the forefront and change the face of entertainment for the better, now Vince has the opportunity once again to change the face of professional wrestling and single handedly reinvigorate interest in a dying brand, the independants.

In WWE's current state the company is in desperate need for stars and by relying on companies like Ring Of Honor, Wrestle 1 and other independents the WWE can once again build it's roster of stars that are tried, tested and are proven International stars in the World of Pro Wrestling all they need to do is invest in the futre.

NXT is the first step, having a brand established outside the WWE that will help those stars of tomorrow craft their niche as the forefront of sports entertainment, by having a mix of proven stars with independent talent and new stars of all other walks of life blended together they have managed to bring about one of the most entertaining independent brands in the companies history but they stil have a long way to go.

With the internet wrestling community in full force the fourth wall is no longer active, wrestling fans know that there are other brands out there, they know that stars like the former Kevin Steen where once top dog in their respective promotions, no one is fooled, no one is stupid enough to think that these guys never had a career before the WWE.

So why not utilize the one new aspect of the company that is currently at it's incubation stages the WWE Network!, the company is struggling to get the app over and bring about a new age of exclusive WWE entertainment that will give whomever purchases the app hours of programming, but here's the issue, the company doesn't have enough programming to make the app shine, with Raw and Smackdown on their respective networks the company only has a few first run shows that don't set the app as much of a worthwhile purchase, it does however have the companies PPV's which at least will entice the viewer to buy.

How can the WWE get out of this bind? simple, advertise your app and it's various uses to outside independent companies, give them the slots for PPV's and first run wrestling programming for a small fee? this gives the company two benefits, firstly a plethora of first run programming and a way to scout future talent without leaving the comfort of your own home with the added benefit of establishing new stars to the WWE universe who can later graduate to WWE programming if they manage to catch on.

Single handedly Vince could once again bring a resurgence to the Wrestling industry and re-invent it using the tools at hand and why not? why not use all that power in your possession to do good for the industry and bring wrestling to the forefront whilst earning a nice little piece of the wrestling pie?

Vince can find the next Seth Rollions or Dean Ambrose with a click of a button, all they need to do is make those deals happen.

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