Euro Gaming Expo - The Interviews

Michael Burhan Celebrates the Independents by interviewing some of the core talent in independent gaming, Michael takes you through a journey of amazing talent in celebration of indie devs who may soon be the future of gaming.

Part 1
Accelerunner with Alan Zuconni and Nicoll Hunt

Michael interviews Alan Zuconni and Nicoll Hunt, the duo behind Accelerunner, a game that takes motion controls to new heights, using apps and pc gaming in order to produce a rather fun party game.
Part 2

Alister Aicheston - Tap Happy Sabotage Interview

Continuing the trend of Party Games Michael Interviews the creator of Slap Happy Sabotage Alister Aicheston, the app developer that looks at taking apps to new heights incorporating wide screen tv's with an app game that can allow you to incorporate 52 friends into a game that would make any night a fun night!.

Part 3

EGX Music Video

Taking a break Mike takes you on a tour of EGX showing off the unique gaming experiences that incorporates companies such as Namco Bandai, Microsoft, Mojang, Sony and Nintendo through an amazing 8bit chiptune experience, take a look at gaming culture at its finest.

Part 4
Barry Meade - Fire Proof Studios Interview

Next stop on our interview list is one of the hardest working studios in gaming with not one, but two games in development, Mike Interviews Barry Meade in regards to the projects of his studio fire proof games in regards to the third game in their series the room 3 and Omega agent Mike also talks about the engaging experience of the Oculus rift, a device that takes gaming to a whole new level.

Part 5
Prison Architect  - Andrew Lynn Interview

Part 5 sees Michael interview the makers of Prison Architect, Andrew Lynn talks about the games mechanics and the differences between it and other sim games.

Part 6
Ryan Pinfield - Static Games Interview

Michael interviews Static Games developer Ryan Pinfield as he talks a game known as Mendels farm a game that has been known as farmville on steroids, the game is currently available in its beta form by going to indie d-b, you can also support the game by getting it through the final stages of steam greenlight.

Part 7
Mike Hergardeen M2H Games - Interview

In the final interview Mike takes discusses Verdun an FPS with a difference with M2H creator Mike Hergardeen, check out the video to see how this towering individual talk his love of gaming and why multiplay is a must when playing with friends.

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