Simpolitics: Under the Dome, Ferguson, MO

So, stop me if you've ever read this story or seen it on the TV...

Ferguson, Missouri Under the Militarised Police Dome

An unexplained disaster isolates a town from the rest of the world, leaving them trapped and under the very debatable control of a corrupt town official and his rag-tag bunch of cops, who are mostly comprised of moronic, discriminate, violent bullies and even a psychopath or two. Despite the efforts of the town's media to get the word out about the ensuing fascist dictatorship, and the brutality of the police force, they are blacked out and there is nothing the outside world can do to help them. Slowly but surely, everything goes to shit!

You're not just reading about Stephen King's Under the Dome, you're reading about the current situation in Ferguson, Missouri, USA, weeks after the shooting of Michael Brown at the hands of the town's own police force. There are just a few differences. There is the fact that no invisible dome is separating the town of Ferguson, or the state of Missouri from the rest of the US, or the world. There is also the fact that the police aren't trying to hide the monstrosities they have executed; their attemtped media blackout included.

Police scene at Ferguson, Missouri, USA, where Michael Brown was shot dead.
"Black kid waving an ice cream cone at two o'clock. Permission to shoot!"
Nobody has been safe, this past week, during the protests against police brutality. What began peacefully soon descended into chaos, all because the police have the power to attack should they feel threatened. There are videos littered all over the Internet, and thousands of pictures, even just of journalists and news reporters being shot at with tear gas and rubber bullets; even when they were out of the danger zone and clearly not inciting to riot.

And when I mention that Ferguson isn't covered by the same mysterious impenetrable dome of King's novel, that's also to point out that it isn't just Ferguson suffering the impatient and eager pig wrath of bad police officers...

Notice that I don't tar all police with the same brush. They are not all the same, but it isn't only a pity that good men and women must follow orders in a no-win situation - not against a clear enemy, but against people taking to the streets to demonstrate in the name of justice and peace. That puts them in danger, too, not only when they patrol the streets, but when they take off the uniform to go home to their families. It is frankly disgusting that what could have been taken care of peacefully, descended not only into violence, but the full-on militarisation of the police against the people of Ferguson. If the people of the UK were treated like this, it could easily become another Bloody Sunday. We're still hearing the echoes of that today.

It already stinks of the UK riots of 2011, and so it should. To cut it short, even the police know the difference between a police officer and a pig. Nobody but a pig shoots a man dead because they have an itchy trigger finger; because they'd rather shoot first, even when a suspected perpertrator may not even have a gun in their own hand. Because of their continued oppression of protesters, they are making yet another prospective Rodney King incident into yet another LA riot. Well done!

. What always happens when a cop shoots a black kid
There's a huge difference between the police and the military. For one, the military is extensively trained to use firearms. It seems that the police don't even know how to aim for the legs in a situation where they reach for their gun when they clearly should have had the tazer ready. Secondly, US military invades foreign countries, not their own. The cops in Missouri just went and made Ferguson look like nearly every scene out of John Carpenter's They Live, and the world just watches in disgust if it doesn't turn a blind eye, because if the administration doesn't want to see that this is dealt with properly and humanely, what are you going to do?

This is something we all have to look forward to, now that the UK is introducing firearm-carrying regular police onto the streets. Got a phone in your hand? Think before you raise it to your ear, folks! Are you black and under the age of 50? I'm about to hate my life all over again! And kids, drop those water pistols and nerf guns before you end up shot in your gangbanging motherfucking faces! It doesn't matter, they'll find a way to incriminate you, just to protect their own.

Missouri USA witnesses the full force of a fascist police state
Celebrity Big Brother USA.
But of course I don't see it becoming that drastic. Not immediately. What happens is natural escalation. The cops get guns, so more criminals carry guns, and you can count on that because they can't even spot most of the narcotics coming into the country. The only difference here is that the law abiding people won't have guns and they'll be caught in the crossfire if we're not all tarred with the same brush and living with the prospect of a clip's worth of bullets to the chest.

If it takes off successfully here, though, I'd like to approach an armed policeman and ask "when does the gun at your side ever not feel like an automatic bullseye? How do you feel going home after a shift without that gun? Do you personally feel safer or more at risk?" Because I bet that having a gun automatically makes you paranoid enough to want to shoot anyone that asks questions, which is why the US needs to think about disarming sections of its police force if they want to promote a more peaceful America. It seems that they know they can pull the trigger and get away with murder, that they can be excused for not being proficient enough with a gun, for causing these riots and turning the world into a Pig State.

Who is next to go under the dome, I wonder? Could it be you?

-Dan Ashley
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