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What a surprise, melty-faced mouth almighty Gene Simmons has been at it again, and whereas last time he was bragging that poor people owe him, this time he's attacked none other than the depressed and suicidal in several throwaway comments during recent interviews! supports mental illness sufferers in light of Robin Williams' suicide
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You probably wouldn't even have to be living on this planet to know that, even though it's never going to be a good time, this week has been a particularly raw few days after the suicide of one of history's greatest comedians and dramatists Robin Williams. Of course, Simmons' statements were made before this recent incident, at the end of July.

However, this leaves me wondering if he's expressed his sadness and doled out his condolences to the Williams family, would they be so gratefully accepted. Having to come back to Simmons once again, after seeing the extent of peoples' hurt this week, it's not even like having to deal with the arrogant little twat schoolboy at the back of the class whose opinions are based on dad's armchair politics rather than prolonged research and experience.

Holy fucking shit, I'm just saddened that our American cousins are still subjected to the trash that is Fox News. Business Ethics must really suck arse over there!

It is really fucking impossible for me to accept that Gene Simmons is classed as a philanthropist. Please look up the definition, because there is no love for humanity in a man that publicly declares to suicidal depression sufferers "Fuck you, then kill yourself!"

From the horse's mouth, during an interview with Songfacts on 31st of July 2014, the tongue-wagging Kiss bassist suggested all too clearly that he lacked any sympathy for the mentally ill and suicidal. Apparently, anyone who fits into this category is bullshitting that they're suicidal, just to get the sympathy and attention they feel they deserve, and Simmons wants to dare you to go through with it. Apparently, depression sufferers who have used drugs see themselves as victims.

Not surprisingly, defending himself in a statement after Robin Williams's death, Simmons stated that he was "sorry that the KILL YOURSELF statement was seen as a diss." Apparently that's an apology?!!

Billionaire Kiss bassist Gene Simmons attacks the mentally ill and tells them "fuck you and kill yourself"
And to round up that explanation, don't ever have a problem with drugs or alcohol and blame it on the world being a harsh place. Simmons' grandma was in a concentration camp. He knows the real meaning of the world being a harsh place in TODAY's society.

For the first couple of days after Williams' death, there were so many convincing crocodile tears on behalf of the media. Not even a week later, his daughter Zelda was forced from Twitter, trolled over the death of her own dad. Then some fat dopey fuck (Alan Brazil) who gets paid to talk into a microphone publicly jibed and joked about his suicide. Not even one whole week and the media changed their tune and started to rummage in this broken family's guts, and all they're doing is following the tune of the bloodthirsty public, and the world isn't a harsh place?

I've spent the past week being reminded how much of a savage bunch we are as humans, but I don't believe we've ever sunken so low as we do so frequently in modern times, and with such dangerous sincerity. World governments fear terrorism from outside extremists, and yet I don't know anybody as extreme as those speaking the English language as of late.

What the hell is wrong with us? We're self-destructing through hatred and stupidity, and yet let's have no sympathy for those driven to mental illness and suicide as a result!? Drug-related or not, that shouldn't have any effect on how you view the corruption of the world you share with your fellow man, woman and child. Civilisation, my arse.

Here was this gentle but great man that made over three decades of generations laugh until they cried. He sometimes made them cry until they saw the bright side, too. More importantly, he taught us to think more positively and to be kind to each other; to understand the damage life deals us and the faults born of those scars. He wasn't perfect, he had a lot of regret and hidden pain. He'd made mistakes that haunted him. He had weaknesses and faults just like the rest of us, and he lived in this high society where it just wasn't acceptable if it couldn't be treated with shopping and valium.

I wonder if he'd have been better off sharing the gutter with the people that have nothing to look forward to, but everything to dream of, or if his death really is the spark that ignites the social movement we really need to motivate positive change and true understanding of why the world is suffering what is an infection of the mind and soul. A giant really has fallen and the shockwaves are far and wide. All the trolls' bridges have been rattled too... and it scared them...

So here I am, motivated to set the record straight, before this goes any further. I am a lifelong bearer of mental illness. I have suffered and fought over a decade and a half of depression, anxiety and suicidal urges and I don't live on the shoulders of others, fuelled by sympathy. I do not need sympathy. Depressives do not need sympathy, they need to be treated for their illnesses. They need mothers, fathers and mentors, just like the rest of you. The only difference is, they are less likely to take those for granted when they have gone so far without any of those in this often ignorant, unforgiving, and selfish society.

The Me Generation, the Lost Generation, the Politically Correct Generation, the I WANT IT NOW Generation; they have each brought with them their own brand of insanity into the world, and will inherit it one after the other, and you don't care that it's causing a recorded 3000 people a day to commit suicide? How about the unrecorded cases? How about the people that keep soldiering on because it's all they know; the people that just keep getting ground down until they break, because society dictates that they are the weak link and therefore unfit for equality?

I've got some news for you, Simmons, and I want this particular part to hit hard. Suicide isn't a choice the way you think it is, it's not even a solution. Cutting on yourself and bodily abuse in all its forms - self harming - is neither a cry for help, nor a statement (unless that statement is that I no longer care what you think of me). It is the result of having used physical pain for too long in the attempt to ease mental and emotional distress, desperation and torture, something that drugs or sympathetic chats cannot cure alone.

Suicide is like losing your temper with life, or losing your patience, only you lose your life as a result. If you've ever seen somebody trapped in an episode of psychosis or catatonia, unless you've never experienced either, all you will know is that there is no reaching the person inside that moment of madness. Take a look at the pathologist's report on Robin Williams if you ever read this and let it sink in.

I suffered suicidal urges from the age of 14 in 1994, right up until 2013. That is almost two decades, and that is the sum of my entire youth. I lived with it, and it never went away, and I fought with it, and it was always just there, trying to seduce me like those urges weren't even mine. As depression ate away at my mind, my identity, my personality and my physical health, I held on because I didn't want to die. I held on because in my mind the end cannot come before my life begins. The same can't be said for the countries your government has blasted to hell over the past decade.

I was dying to live! I wasn't living, I wasn't surviving, I was merely existing as depression consumed everything that I was. Suicide isn't a choice, it's an urge. Fuck me, it's almost a colour all of it's own on the emotional spectrum once you learn to understand it. But you don't choose it, Gene Simmons, suicide chooses you, and it's an impossible demon to make peace with.

Am I any better today? I enter episodes of depression once every month or two, and I attack it as tactically and violently as a fucking warrior. But I don't practice that strategy on my fellow humans, least of all the ones battling for the will to live. All you can do is spend your life outrunning mental illness and the urge to just die. You can't reverse it and you can't cure it.

Ever read Stephen King? And he's always reminding us about "racing to beat the devil?" Well here are the keys to your new automobile. Remember me when you feel safe enough to stop and refill your tank on your last stretch of road through life, because I am one of the undetermined number of people that come back from that brink over and over again. I am too damn rare to even be a statistic to you and I spit at your reckless throwaway comments to the suffering that cannot find a way through life.

None of us choose mental illness and we cannot choose to end our lives when that black cloud leads us blindly to the belief that there is no life left. Even your grandma's worst enemy, Adolf Hitler, saw nothing left but imminent death when he ended his own life. And you become nothing better than him when you dictate that your people are all better off without mine.

To my readers, we have a responsibility to carry on where somebody else leaves off, as best as we can. I ask those of you that grew up with such a love of the man that was Robin Williams to take a piece of his legacy and to truly exercise your value for human life and to show Gene Simmons the true meaning of philanthropy. You don't need money to do that.

You can believe in God. You can believe in miracles. You can believe in magic. You can simply believe in yourself. So long as we find a way to believe in each other and restore faith in humanity, just believe in something that levitates you above the misery and gives you the opportunity to be a decent human being.

If you're like me and you're living with this thing that all the naysayers are liking to dyslexia (filed under "excuse"), you will do well to believe that even weak links make for a strong bond when you link together. We don't need to be what Gene Simmons' high society wants. We don't need to be what any society wants. But if this latest attitude towards the rising statistics of mental illness are to be believed, society is going to need survivors, whether it likes it or not.

Love you and lift yourself. Be ready for when the world finally wakes up!

-Dan Ashley

RIP Robin Williams. Thanks for my childhood xx
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