Simpolitics: Ferguson, MO, Under the Dome - Afterthoughts

Looking back on the article I just wrote earlier this afternoon, it's easy to come up with answers; not so much to see a solution come of it! Simpolitics: Michael Brown, Ferguson, Missouri riot under the dome after thoughts

What's happened in Ferguson could have easily been avoided by the authorities showing the public transparency and allowing them to demonstrate their constitutional right. The police had more than enough opportunity to allow this. They had the opportunity to liase properly with the public and to quell civil unrest without resorting to violence; essentially to lead by a good example. Instead they practiced a burning resentment for democracy. That is what the big picture says.

Free Speech and the First Amendment don't seem to be too handy these days. And whereas the government itself is never seen to be interfereing with these protests, who else but the local government controls the police? Are they not accountable? Yes, they are. They don't want anybody to be under that impression, though. So there are certain countermeasures to bullying the public into seeing otherwise.

As a result, this is now a worldwide affair, and protesters are taking to the streets across the US as a result. If the consequences of the Occupy movement were ever anything to go by, there are about to be thousands more reasons why the US needs to get its nose out of foreign affairs and take care of what's more important. You can't run around the world like Team America if your public isn't behind you. You sure as hell can't beat your own neighbours down without consequence.

It's a surprise, after such events, that Obama's approval rating is even anywhere near twenty percent, meaning the top twenty percent of earners, some of who may enjoy seeing cops mop the floor with the common public. For sure, when the time comes for him to step down, I don't think ethnic diversity is going to be his friend. But back to the matters at hand...

There are officers patrolling the streets of St. Louis that not only need to be suspended, if not fired. They need a psychiatric evaluation if they are to continue to carry a firearm.

Every time this happens, a clear message goes out to the civilians on those streets that the cops are just out to get them, regardless of who they are. Every time someone shoots a black kid, you can almost imagine the stereotypical bad cops celebrating a fucking home run, almost like it's just another gang initiation. But is it just a work of fiction drawn up by the media? Yes and no. It's really happening. It's happening a lot and it's not being dealt with, but good civil servants are being endangered as a result of the actions of cops that seriously need a psychiatric evaluation and a less stressful job like, I don't know, a Subway "sandwich artist" or a carpet fitter (preferably one that doesn't use a staple gun).

There is no worse or more dangerous karma right now than that image of the self-proclaimed Leader of the Free World exposing a thuggish Third World mentality, and that endangers the lives of good police officers and their families, all because justice will not be served and the bad elements will not be removed. 

To somewhat balance that, of course there are always going to be violent protesters, just as there are peaceful protesters. There is no ignoring the constant criminal element but as the police know all too well, violence in these situations is reactionary, and you have given them a reason to react and to retaliate. Isn't that always the way with a cop that just wants to go rack up a few arrests and to cave in a few skulls? You have nothing to arrest them for, since the First Amendment isn't a crime, so you provoke them into a fight, or force them to defend themselves so you can claim assault?

And to those who informed me via social media that "Ferguson is a shithole!" Well if Ferguson is such a shithole, then was it worth such an aggressive and heavily armed response? No! That's no excuse. The situation would be no worse right now if the police force had left looters and violent protesters to smash windows and raid stores. They did anyway, only one group smashed into a McDonalds for cold milk to tend to tear gas victims, so you made things the way they are.

These views, this pessimism; this is exactly the kind of pessimism that causes such a lack of value for human life. The safe distance that the Internet allows you might protect you from the consequences, but that in itself is inciting hatred. Where will it ever stop? At your doorstep? I doubt it. Take a look at Israel trying to police Gaza. When the politics fly out the window, boundaries become insignificant, just like people you don't know and don't care about.

So where is the mayor of St. Louis, Francis G. Slay, in all of this? Where was he when not one but two state senators were gassed by police for peacefully protesting? Where is he when they were still treated like shit even though they pointed out that they were state senators? That cop sure looked dumbfounded that a black woman could ever be a politician, didn't he? 

The media is here to ask all the questions that only the authorities can give answers to, only it seems that democracy isn't their strong point. Their rule of dealing with the media involves practicing another Amendment from the Bill of Rights; the Fifth. Am I right or wrong? Please tell me, I'm a slow and careful learner, by humility as well as by research. Where are the people who took responsibility for all of this? They are not above the law, so much as they hide beneath it when the shit hits the fan. They have the right not to be incriminated by the media, and rightly so, but that doesn't mean that they should be spared from justice.

And where will this end? Unfortunately it will take a lot more bullets and bodies before the individuals hiding behind their guns and badges are finally forced to take responsibility for their actions. Instead of building nothing but Superprisons, the US should invest in a few Supercop Prisons to lock up the trigger-happy lone wolves who can't tell the difference between a pair of handcuffs and a gun in any given situation.

These guys aren't Dirty Harry or John McClaine, they're cops whose numbers come before their names. They operate without emotion. Unfortunately for some, that means switching off their common sense in the process.

It would also very likely take one hell of a nutcracker to end the stranglehold that protects the constitutional and civil rights that matter while swatting away the unspoken rules that keeps this dark blue brotherhood from following the same essential rules as the taxpayer; the rules that preserve democracy, freedom and life itself. This could end up being the UK in a few years' time, I need to see that it can be done!

-Dan Ashley
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