Simpolitics: Ebola Outbreak Victims face the Wrath of Trump

So it isn't breaking news that Africa is now facing its worst ever outbreak of Ebola, with over 1500 laboratory-confirmed cases reported this year alone with almost 900 of those resulting in fatality. If you're not so aware of Ebola, I suppose you can be excused for never having shat your pants watching the Dustin Hoffman/Cuba Gooding Jr. movie Outbreak, nineteen years ago.

Ebola, the effects commonly known as Genus Ebolavirus or Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), formerly and still commonly Ebola Hemmorrhagic Fever (EHF), is a severe and often fatal virus discovered in 1976. It is native to Africa and found most often near the tropical rainforests of Central and West Africa. Transmitted from wild animals to humans, it is NOT an airborne virus, but rather it is spread through humans via all bodily fluids after varied durations of incubation.

This, however, makes Ebola harder to spread in the First World than the dreaded Flu, thanks to the advances in sanitation and standards of medical care (not to mention our wacky OCD behaviour), which is just as well, considering that there is no definite vaccine as of yet. 

2014 Ebola Virus outbreak the worst recorded Africa has ever seen.

It is a frightening disease, it has the potential to become today's equivalent of the AIDS scare of the '70s and '80s. That being said, if it were to become an issue in the First World, as wealthy old hairball Donald Trump seems to think, it would likely burn out quickly, unlike AIDS, which otherwise seems like old news these days. For a start, think about it. How long has AIDS been a problem in the States or anywhere else in the West, let alone the rest of the world? Why hasn't Ebola yet been an issue outside of Africa, considering the volume of aid workers helping out in Africa over the years, considering that the virus has an incubation period spanning 2 days to Three Weeks (making it a potential pandemic) and considering that it can be sexually transmitted?

It's most definitely an issue today, and something that we need to concentrate on challenging. Wars are not the only problems that need resolving in this day and age. So when the outspoken and opinionated Trump drew attention to himself this week with a tirade of Twitter messages, rather than drawing fans, the complete opposite happened.

You know the way men think when they have the media informing them every day of every conceivable event in current affairs and when a man has the Internet at his fingertips, especially when that man tends to be quick to judge. Especially men like Trump...

Donald Trump farts in the woods comic strip meme
Ahahahahaaaa... he trumped and hsi arse blew up the rainforest XD
Trivia: In England during the '90s, Trump was a popular alternative amongst children and teenagers for the word Fart.

Why, I would never dream of telling a famous billionaire that he was wrong whenever he blessed the world with grossly misinformed pearls of wisdom, wherever he got them. Not even if my life depended on it. Neither would I tell him that the Internet doesn't qualify a man to become a doctor, let alone overrule the fact-driven statements of WHO officials (World Health Organisation) when they clearly state that American Ebola victims can safely be transported back to the States for proper medical attention, courtesy of those beautiful life-saving bastards at the CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention).

After all, the effects of the disease only tend to be 100% fatal in the case that a country lacks decent healthcare. The CDC aren't exactly St. John's Ambulance. These guys know their shit. Regardless, Trump took to Twitter to contest that those who selflessly travel to Africa to treat diseases should be left to die in Africa and that they should accept the consequences should they contract such an illness.

Donald trump tweeted against the US helping ebola infected aid workers.
Approved by the Surgeon General that said smoking is good for pregnancy.
America: We don't negotiate with Terrorists, British Car Manufacturers or Tropical Diseases.

Donald, you are known across the oceans for blowing your own Trump, but if your own personal physician never thought you a world-class twatbasket before now, you might consider self-diagnosis in future...

Via Wikipedia.

Donald Trump novel The America We Deserve... we're all fucked then?!!
You're all fucked!
 If you happen to agree with Trumpy Bum at this point (and after all we've been through together?!!) then you might want to consider this; Let's say Ebola - any of its five subspecies - somehow did spread across the globe, would you rather wait until you're absolutely fucked without a hope in hell, or would you want the world's best medical experts working on a vaccine now, as a case of actual prevention?

If anything, I wouldn't ask Trump to make that decision for me, so don't fall into that trap as WHO and the CDC look to find an actual solution to one of the world's most fatal diseases, because if that day ever comes, Trump isn't going to be saving your ass with a Plan B.

Only shortly after Gene Simmons' recent "you owe me" statement to the poor, it is shocking how dense and terrifyingly ass-backwards some of the US's wealthy really are. These folk ain't quite right, which leads to a simple conclusion this week:

Dear Donald Trump;

Shut the fuck up already. And please, please, please stay as far away from politics as humanly possible. You might be good at hustling people for their money, but you are a walking calamity and contradiction when it comes to common sense in politics. And keep your fingers out of our pies, we don't know where you've been!


Dan Ashley
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