Quantum Geek: RIP Rik Mayall

The Quantum Geek is sad to announce that enduring comedy and drama actor Rik Mayall was pronounced dead to Associated Press by his management company today!

Comedy writer and Bottom co-star Rik Mayall has passed away Monday 9th June 2014

Born in 1958, Mayall begain his acting career in 1980 with a series of film and television appearances before his comedy acting and writing career took off with cult series' The Young Ones, Filthy, Rich & Catflap and Blackadder, before reaching the pinnacle of popularity with Bottom and political satire The New Statesman. Experiencing many hits and misses, he was often typecast as the stereotypical English fool, especially when performing characters with names such as Richard Twat; but he may be better remembered as the psychotic imaginary friend of Gremlins co-star Phoebe Cates in Drop Dead Fred, especially if you've been living with your head up your arse for the past thirty-two years.

After a quad bike accident in the late '90s, Mayall turned more to drama and voice-over work in television with portrayals of Merlin in Merlin: The Return and as King Arthur in animated series King Arthur's Disasters, especially when the last of the Bottom live shows ended in 2003.

Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson in Bottom as Richard Richard and Eddie Hitler

He will be sadly missed and his sudden death is proving a great amount of shock to fans, who haven't seen him much over the last few years. We wish his family many condolences and wish to salute him with the most untypical of classic celebrity cameo appearances...

Farewell Rik and thanks for all the years of laughter!

The Young Ones comedy actor and writer Rik Mayall passed away at age 56

-Dan Ashley
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