Simpolitics: Publicist Max Clifford Jailed but was Justice Served?

It's got to be one of the more positive legal outcomes regarding publicised scandals of late, but as long-standing PR "guru to the stars" Max Clifford just became the first person to be charged and sentenced under Operation Yewtree, it seems that we're all far from done with this long drawn-out mess!

News of the World and NewsCorp publicist Max Clifford to serve less than 8 years for four counts of historic sex abuse
As a result of finding no photos of Clifford's victims, to honour them, we are censoring him!
Today, Clifford, convicted of the sexual assaults of four women aged 15 to 19 between 1977-1984, apparently smirked as he was handed a sentence of eight years, of which he will only serve half, according to sources. Odd, don't you think, considering the seriousness of those charges?

Those found guilty of rape can be sent to prison for life, however Clifford will serve one year for each assault, while his victims continue to serve a life sentence in the knowledge that the law failed them for nearly forty years before delivering a half-arsed excuse for justice. Judge Anthony Leonard was reported as having told Clifford that had the crimes occurred after 2003, he'd have served ten years instead. Wow...


We are all well aware that much of the mainstream media, of which Clifford has been a pillar to for most of his career, is a politically and socially manipulative industry. Even that statement is an act of human kindness when you look to the tactics employed by former journo-hackers of the late News of the World (for whom Clifford also worked) or the continually aggravating Daily Mail. NewsCorp is still with us, and somehow their newspapers represent bot the left and right wing of politics; the essential modern day corporate puppet fucker!

Max Clifford publicly defending former England football captain John Terry's mistress

Clifford, even as the UK's most recognised media publicity mogul, was a controversial figure long before these charges were made against him. The reason; his clients were debatable people. Whenever they majorly fucked up in the public eye and gotten off the hook with a fine that barely dented their weekly salary at the worst, he's been the one they paid to coax the public into seeing them as humble and remorseful everyday people, which was rarely the case. Whereas some people will stop reading when the scandal is over, some of us see who pulls the strings and find it hard to forget.

It takes more than just a guy trying to get by to want to get contemptible human beings off the hook. It takes a contemptible human being, one with no regard for the impression their actions leave on society. I have never known another human being to trust Max Clifford, and why would they? In the eyes of the media, everybody is a potential scapegoat. Now it's his turn!

Max Clifford's old newspaper News of the World hacked his phone, made out of court settlement

Clifford is also widely known to have spun political scandals to remove governments from power and was exposed as a liar by documentary maker Louis Theroux. If anyone could paint a word picture of Clifford, it wouldn't be hard work. Just paint him in the light that most flatters his manipulative ego. If anything, he's Al Pacino's all-controlling antichrist from The Devil's Advocate. After all, where's the money in publicity if you don't represent the guilty? Where's the reputation amongst scandalous politicians and so-called personalities if all you ever do is the right thing?

I guess it was only a matter of time before he paid for his crimes, but taking a look at the list of offences he'd have racked up if he were just like you and I, the guy would have been locked up for life a long time ago. Not only has the justice system failed those rape victims, I honestly feel it's failed the whole country. However, if Savile were alive today, there probably wouldn't have been an Operation Yewtree. It seemed that the operation was a response to failed justice in the event of Savile's death. Clifford would have had a lot to say on the matter, I'm sure. He still "stands by his word", which is what his job has entailed for the past half a century.

Media Publicist ax Clifford may only serve four years of his multiple rape convictions

Still, just as he once stated that Michael Jackson could have possibly been harder to represent than Saddam Hussein, I wonder what public relations bullshit we may be subject to in half a decade's time. Not that the 71-year old will be trying to get back into employment, but he may not be allowed on any of Rupert Murdoch's private islands, if he can still afford to by then.

If anything, this brings to light a terrible flaw in the justice system. Why is it that old crimes are so less severely punishable? With the power that the media industry has at its disposal, we've already witnessed how easy it is for a weird old man like Savile to get away with such horrific crimes, and for his whole life, too. Sure, the media shouldn't be at the mercy of governments looking to black us out, but the ability to evade the reaches of the law is another matter altogether. One year per sexual assault isn't a sentence, it's barely even a conviction. What's wrong with this picture?

Please feel free to voice your opinions on the verdict below and thanks for reading.

-Dan Ashley

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