Simpolitics: The Middle Ground

If you want your democracy back, if you want the freedom to choose, rather than the illusion, then you want to fight to make sure that the middle class doesn't become the minority caught between the wealthy and the poverty-stricken. It's happening right now!

John Cleese and the Two Ronnies in The British Middle Class: A History

The middle class has effectively been decimated over the past decade, even demonised as the reason for many of our problems. Effectively, they've always been the red tape MPs have to deal with whenever the call for reforms or adjustments to our way of life are made, because nobody voices the opinions of the public quite like the middle. Especially when nobody gives a fuck about the lower classes. Most of the rights being taken from you today were successfully fought for and won by the middle class and that is a fact.  How dare they fight for us all to be treated equally, we'll have none of that...

What, did you think the leaders of this country ever handed us something we didn't ask for or demand? Even the public services we need today are being denied us and not because the country can't afford it. It's because the government doesn't want the responsibility anymore. Privatisation is all a part of Dave's Big Society scam. Incorporating the dying communities into the corporate clusterfuck that society is becoming and selling you out. You might as well replace your arsehole with a fruit machine slot!

The middle class are still a large portion of what's left of the UKs lifeblood today, for which there is no immediate transfusion should the out of touch upper class succeed in bleeding it to death. With zero hour contracts on the rise and so many little businesses coming and going, and of course with sectors of secondary industry (food unrelated) seemingly clinging on by the skin of their teeth, commercial retail is indoctrinating new workers with a soulless outlook on their lives and careers.

If you want something so bad, you know the cost. When they say "fight for it" they really mean it. They enjoy watching you sell out until all that's left is your starved dog loyalty.

Out with the old and in with the new. What a great way to dismantle everything that ever worked for the people that work to keep this country maintained. Well, they're succeeding. "If it ain't broke don't fix it" is a long invalid saying today. Nothing is sacred.

And who would fight for the middle class? The manual labourers working their fingers to the bone for the national minimum wage? Highly doubtful, but we ought to, because this country is really out of practice when it comes to unifying against what is plainly wrong.

Who could afford to strike and to protest whenever the government wanted to make self-serving reforms? The middle class, because they had no choice. Poverty is not a choice. Nobody wants to end up working in a job with an uncertain future and a low income. Tough shit for so many of us though, right?

Who could afford not to listen to the middle class or negotiate with them? The government, because abandonment is not a choice. Well now it seems the mood has changed, or should I say that it's finally time for the elitist to cut off the UKs tongue?! Consider yourselves abandoned, but don't think they'll stop policing your lives because they no longer want to help you.

Today they want to be done with the NHS because apparently our taxes are not enough to keep it running. Allegedly, the NHS is also underperforming and breaking protocol etc. which is why privatisation would be more profita... *cough* preferable (beg your pardon). Sorry, but how long are you willing to be criticised, flogged and crucified before it kills you? What makes the staff of your hospitals any different from any other human being?

The super-wealthy are taking tax cuts while those financially struggling take the burden and the number of people exempt from paying medical bills (those who rely on regular medical care to live) is rising. The number of people who can barely afford to exist is also a phenomenon that the government cannot publicly face, which is why the Dept. for Work and Pensions is being reinvented to serve the government and not the public.

Fixing statistics makes the government look good while, behind the scenes, the nationally forced austerity fails to seal all these cracks growing in the financial dam. On top of the fact that we're losing money and don't know how (providing that you ignore all the corporate tax not being paid by mega-successful foreign conglomerates such as News Corp, Apple and Starbucks), these idiots seem to think that reducing circulation will solve the nation's "spending problem" while they attempt to relieve our debts to the world.

In fact, the world is never going to be out of debt, and reducing the circulation of our taxes while we struggle to meet the cost of living is forcing the halved middle class into loaning, thinking that the problem will take care of itself soon enough to put things right again. Don't even mention the rise in popularity of these new high street Payday Loan stores, because if the middle class can't get out of debt, then how will the families that can't choose between feeding their kids and feeding the gas meter?

Today, you have the freedom to make ONE choice only. Your vote. That's the way they want it, the government and the elitists they're all tangled up in bed with. When poverty is the mainstream, that gives them the perfect opportunity not to take your word as gospel, because you're officially too mired down in your own problems to be a part of the bigger picture. They want you this way so that it has to be up to them to make all the decisions, and so long as you get used to being poor, it makes them happy because they only have to think about themselves.

That is why we are seeing such extremes of mega-wealth and more widespread cases of extreme poverty. So many people no longer have the money to spend when at the same time they're being bullied for it. I don't know what we're missing here. I'm a smoker of twenty years, yet life itself is the monkey on my back. I'm like a sailor with no water to drink, though I'm surrounded by ocean. Money is everywhere and yet we can't touch it.

Meanwhile, the people that have ALL OF THE MONEY don't seem to be spending it, at least not in the UK. Just think that if you had a couple hundred grand in the bank, you could sensibly live off the interest alone for the rest of your life, while those scraping the barrel every week don't see a penny. A couple hundred more and you have the beginnings of a philanthropist, but there don't seem to be many of those. The less money you make, the more you have to work for it.

If you're wealthy and you worked impossibly hard for it, the monkey on your back is of a completely different nature to mine. After all, what do you work for if you have all the money you will ever need? Power? Greed? Lack of imagination?

The UK really needs to get it's head and its arse wired the right way around and keep it that way. We're only so obsessed with wealth because so many people have it and so many more don't. Thanks to the media, we're so bogged down in poverty and yet surrounded by so much money that we're brainwashed into believing that we can have even just a taste of that high life so long as we have a miniscule portion of talent. Why not? Simon Cowell has some telly shows and Katie Price writes novels. Kerry Katona's job is being photographed and mocked by celeb magazines, even though she hasn't had a reason to be celebrated or classed as a celebrity in well over a decade.

We're not going to strike it lucky or get rich off a great idea and ten years of gutbusting hard work. Every great idea you have has happened already or is being put to good use by somebody with lots and lots of money and will be old news by the time you will have gotten halfway there.

We have to end this culture of second place being for losers and we have to move forward as a nation and take our silver back piece by piece, and we have to take back the ground that belonged to the middle class and expand on that until this filthy display of wealth recedes back into the shadows once again, ashamed of its greed for all the damage it's done. In today's society, it isn't just lies that travel faster than the truth, it's the trending distractions of everything in existence that money can buy acting as an antidote to every viral revolution that could teach the "free world" that we all need to hold our fucking horses.

BSkyB says "save the Jaguar"...


Capitalism itself is feeding from every last dreg of positivity and motivation left in the human soul, because there isn't a lie left hidden from us. They know that we know that it's all bullshit. They want us to know so they can break us all down and make us just miserable enough to give up, yet scared enough to keep scraping together the cash - feeding that monkey on our backs - and that is the future of your government.

We can't all be rich! We can't all be wealthy enough to give up on this criminal life of breaking our backs for the absolute minimum required to survive! We can't all believe that our bodies are fit enough to survive the first few years of retirement! We can't all be excluded from this miserable clusterfuck better known as the rat race!

What we can do is have a little humility and be the foundation that the middle class needs. I'm not just talking to you government shitheads either when I say that. I'm talking to those that begrudge anybody with a little money in their pocket. If you're as desperate as I am right now, you'll keep your eye on the game and use your peripheral vision to keep that ball rolling, because there's little difference in having no money and the fear of having no money. We're in the same boat, but the upper crust ballbags are in the lifeboats already.

Life is only as thankless as the times dictate, and now that we're in a time of greed and incompetence, is it not a time to ditch your credit in favour of honest pocket change you can see and touch? I'm not saying that it's time to let go and let the country reduce to pitifully sloppy shit. I'm saying that it's time to admit the pitifully sloppy shit that we're already in and do something about it.
Fuck trending, fuck the media, fuck the lottery, fuck the corporate fuckpuppet government and every other politician preaching reality. Nobody great in this world got that way because everybody agreed with them. They're great because they fought upstream to the truth and the naysayers were proven wrong, all because they were scared of being ruined or, god forbid, proven wrong!

We can't do it alone, not one of us. When the MPs come into power, they do it as a team and with the funding of big businesses. This nation has to find its voice of reason again, and fast. We need to be making our own decisions responsibly so that no government can come in and take the piss out of us, and we need to do that with the same mentality that the middle class do when they fight for everybody's rights as a human being.

The bigger the middle ground, the stronger the foundation, the lesser the extremes. The lesser the middle ground, the lesser the balance, the greater the corruption, the greater likelihood the public voice is to be discounted as the voice of hopelessness when your government sets about doing not only what they think is best for us, but what is best for themselves. Because the elite are only as big a part of this country as we allow them to be!

-Dan Ashley
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