My Open Letter/Hello

Dear Nerd Genius Community,

  At this time I would like to say thank you for making my first few posts successful. At first I was scared that my articles would not be accepted and I would be pushed out of the group with out a chance to prove myself to the community. Thank you again for making that happen.

I want to make this your site, full of stuff that you want to see. I plan on doing a lot of things for this site, a lot of original stuff. As much as I enjoy some of the stuff on the internet, like Angry Videogame Review Nerd, RoosterTeeth, College humor, and the like, I want to be something different. I am not going to try to recreate those jokes/atmosphere. 

I kinda trailed off writing about the humble bundle for two main reasons, the first being that I didn't want to persuade a person from not checking out that daily humble bundle and not donate money to charity because of me. I am a huge fan of most of the charities they donate to and would like to see every penny go to them. The second reason is because I want to focus more on creating projects to the site, and that requires a lot of time in the development process. 

The good news is my first project should be coming online very soon. The project its self is a podcast, I don't have a name but I do have a co-host. Due to work issues we can only record when we both have off. The pilot episode will be recorded this week when we have the time.  This podcast will be about all things that we find interesting. 

Another thing I plan on doing is to write more articles, my goal is do an article a day. I would like to start June 1st, and will try to have content out daily. I want to about stuff that you want to see, the news you want to hear. Please leave me a comment, send me an email at . The more you guide me, the more I can write for you. 

Thank you again for everything so far,


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