Humble Bundle: 13 Galaxies Away

Today's wonderful Humble Bundle is a theme from outer this world. The marvelous theme is Outer Space. While this bundle seems pretty cool, you only get three games today. X3 Terran Conflict, Universe Sandbox, and Early Access to a new game called Kinetic Void. Donating a dollar to Humble Bundle, you receive X3, a game that my one friend has logged over a 1,000 hours on. It is suppose to be really fun and enjoyable. While I never heard of Universe Sandbox, it looks like a game where you can explore the universe and create and destroy things (kinda like Sim City) and for the average price you can't go wrong with a game like that. The last game is with a ten dollar donation and it is still in development, but if you want to be the cool kid that has already played a game before it gets a big audience that is the way to go.

If you like space games then this is the humble bundle for you.
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