Microsoft May still Be Implementing DRM?

Since Day 1 Microsoft was clear about their own DRM policies as a company and as an entity Microsoft didn't just want to be apart of the gaming market they wanted to own it, all of it!.

When Microsoft attempted to reverse their own DRM policies with their DRM reversal before the consoles launch, now that we are a few months in to the consoles lifespan and it seems that Microsoft may have done a complete 180 with the implementation of the newest Xbox One update!.

[Disclaimer: Please take this as a rumor, conduct your own investigation and if you have a friend that is situated in the UK why not ask them to clarify all of this.]

Now down to the evidence:


A fan of the show Gaz sent this in from the newest update on his Xbox one he attempted to install Dead Rising 3 without a valid internet connection, the game failed to install and left him the message above.


Gaz turned to customer support and was told to perform a reset on his system, still nothing...


A written notification from customer services who have stated that he needs to stay connected in order to install games on to the system which means that without a valid internet connection the console itself is just a brick.

Still not sure?

Check out my video log on the matter as i felt that with the evidence given that Microsoft have reinstated their DRM policies and thus have rewarded gamers who have purchased their consoles an offline brick, its not fair and policies like DRM will ruin gaming if companies like microsoft aren't stopped.

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