LGBT Special: You'd Have To Be A Moron To Be A Hater

"The world was my oyster, but I used the wrong fork!" -Oscar Wylde

Recently, in this shit-crock some people call reality, Britain's cows can't swim, Russia's billionaires thank their olympic gold winners by supplying them with luxury cars, and US President Barack Obama threatens Uganda for their brutal gay-bashing antics, all the while trying to get a bill passed that allows the religious to ban same-sex couples from their business establishments!

The echoing slap of Darwin's facepalm could be heard the world over, if only we could stifle our weary sighs...

A couple weeks back, I was one of many that supported actress Ellen Page coming out, not only to the LGBT human rights conference she was speaking at, but to the whole world. Ellen Page was a sweetheart back when we were none the wiser. She still is now. Everybody still gets to see her in the movies and feel all warm and fuzzy over her cuteness and appreciate her acting qualities. Being gay doesn't change anything but that person's purpose in life; going from finding the right man to finding the right woman, or vice versa.

X-Men and Inception actress Ellen Page comes out as gay to the LGBT community

That is until the Anti-Everything bigots come out to draw a line in the sand, spewing their vile beliefs at everybody's feet, suddenly having the courage to publicly hate that which they fear because they do not understand it. In a time where hate-speakers such as the Westboro Baptist Church are seen as terrorist organizations, Private Manning is locked up in Guantanamo Bay for whistleblowing on US war crimes in the Middle East. Meanwhile, Westboro still has the right to free speech and to picket the funerals of soldiers and to proclaim that "fags all go to hell" or "die of AIDS" etc.

Westboro Baptist Church hate group classed by FBI as a terrorist organization

I can't help but feel that Ellen Page is probably feeling a huge weight on her shoulders right now, cruelly replacing the one she courageously cast off by publicly declaring her true identity. It really makes you wonder, after how far we've come, how dangerous is it that people can so quickly regress to a time when to despise and segragate a people for their differences seemed like a really good way to take their minds off more pressing matters. Then I realise, we really haven't come that far at all, but for a comparatively brave few.

Hatred towards the LGBT community similar to that of hatred towards WWII era Jewish community

Well, I'm from a time and place in civilization where history was as important as the present, and I'm here to tell you that your if your Queen were still alive today, he'd have a better answer than Jesus!

Anti-gay campaigning and hate speech still prominent nearly a quarter of a century after Freddie Mercury's death
"If I could only reach you..."
For one thing, civilized times call for civilized solutions. And real examples, not fictional ones written by the fork-tongued spin doctors of the Roman Empire. You know those guys, right? The ones that founded Catholicism?!

But I'm not here to smite the religious. There are personal spiritual benefits in some religious texts. Remember the Ten Commandments? "Thou Shalt Not Kill?" Too ambitious, maybe, for the likes of George W. Bush, who publicly stated that God told him to end the Tyranny in Iraq, and then started a neverending war, ending up to and over a million people's lives. Too ambitious for George Zimmerman, who swore on the bible that chasing the unarmed Trayvon Martin with a gun before killing him was an act of self-defence. But drop all you know about fundamentalist extremism, and you have many texts that aim to promote peace and inner fulfilment, if not courage and comfort for the ageing and dying.

"Fuck that shit, I'm Gandalf AND Magneto!"
I happen to know a nun that helps transgender people to reintegrate back into society with their new identities. It shouldn't be old news, but even the more liberal people I know never expect it from a member of the Catholic Church. Well, you all heard Pope Francis's pro-gay views last year, didn't you? Times are changing.

With that, I'm not here to single anybody out, because hatred knows no bounds. I'm here to send a message to the majority, to tell them that the haters have drawn a line in the sand, and if you stand by and watch without making your life count, then war will be declared, hate crimes will lead to greater casualties, and you'll stand in the crossfire if you do nothing at all.

It's unsettling that in the unstable political and economic global climate of today, we're all so desensitised to catastrophe that we can no longer care as a majority as to what the hell is happening in the world. We don't look to the Muslims or the LGBT community as potential victims of another secret Holocaust, but the politics, the poverty and the desperation, people using religion to preach and to facilitate hatred, the communities drunk with anger and being fed propaganda by the manipulative media... It stinks of 1930's Germany!

Is the western world headed for a new era of Nazism over LGBT equal human rights?
"I'm so tough, I blow my nose wrong on purpose!"
We don't see our own countries and allies as the world's next Axis of Evil. For that to happen, we'd have to be racist, slaving, thieving religious nutballs looking to build a war machine so big that the world could never defeat us head on.... errrr...

But despite the fact that we have streetlight, central heating, internet and healthcare, we're barely a footstep out of the Dark Ages. And just when you think that we've got one social adversity rolled up and neatly tucked away, the world descends into a fever of shit-slinging and dick-measuring. Oddly enough, despite the fact that there are huge racial issues in the west, the LGBT community is suddenly receiving a lot of hate.

So, I ask; what is the problem with gay people? What is the problem with same-sex couples? What is the problem with the pursuit of personal happiness, so long as it doesn't threaten the wellbeing or the lives of others?

Those that shove their noses into your harmless private lives are the problem, not your lifestyle.

I'd like to take a little look back on the history on the human race. I promise it won't take long. Those who don't believe in evolution or factual education may not be excused, because I'd like you to tell me what you've learned at the end, when you've gotten so outraged and incensed that you can't physically keep from having a psychotic episode. Oh wait, I forget. neanderthals can't read. Anywho:

1.) Did you know that over 1,500 species of animal on this planet are known to practice homosexuality? 

Over 1,500 species of animal practices homosexuality
See no evil, hear no evil, WHOA DUDE! BUY ME A DRINK FIRST!
They didn't get the idea from listening to the Scissor Sisters, celebrating the Mardi Gras or watching gay porn. Just like us homo sapiens, they weren't possessed by Satan or rainbow-farting unicorns, either. Homosexuality is a phenomenon of nature itself. Homosexuality is therefore a part of nature. It just has a really funny sounding name.

Did you ever know a guy who was so straight that it made you embarrassed to know him? "Every hole's a goal" is a popular saying amongst such types. Type GAY PORN into Google (I did it for research, dammit) and take a look at the amount of bodybuilders and lumberjacks that look like Bluto from Popeye, and those guys most likely met that description once upon a time.

But porn doesn't do anybody justice when it comes to being taken seriously. And it just goes to show how narrow-minded people can be when they disown their family and friends for coming out as gay. So it makes you wonder, do the gay haters watch more gay porn than the gays themselves? Having a little trouble getting over the stereotypes there, fellas? The monkeys might be primitive compared to humans, but if there were a trophy for #1 Primate, those apes would lose out to the anti-gays every time!

2.) Did you know that homosexuality has been prominent in civilizations and empires since ancient times?

Acts and gestures of homosexuality have been written of and added into cultural arts
"I say, Maximus, fancy a game of Brown Chicken, Brown Cow?"
Bit of a no-brainer really, considering I just told you what the monkeys are getting up to. Ancient Greece was at it, Ancient Rome was at it, and the human race has been at it for as long as we've had the equipment to do it. Legendary writers and philosophers are famous for exploring it; Herodotus, Athenaeus, Xenophon and Plato specifically. The Ancient Greeks didn't even feel the need to use sexuality as a way of labelling the people of their society, unlike the word today!

If there's one thing our ancient ancestors got right that we got wrong, they practiced virtue where they weren't hacking each other up into bacon bits. Today, the western world is the greatest equivalent of the Ancient Romans. Capitalism, Globalisation, so-called Democracy, Military Industry, orgies of greed and slavery by any other name. And while our soldiers are at war, fighting in the mess the sensible folk voted NO to, we're at home, not quite knowing what to do with ourselves. Racism is an old chestnut, religious segregation is a raw subject and has been long before 9/11. Before the end of World War 2, in fact.

I know. Let's hate on those gays. They're not natural!

No! Please remove yourself and your family from my gene pool, there is no chlorine strong enough to prevent inbreeding.

It's fact that homosexuality becomes more prominent at the plateau of civilizations; when the population booms and we are forced shoulder to shoulder. Why wouldn't it be? It's a natural occurrence and it's nature's way of levelling off the numbers. Well, there's also war; world leaders gathering troops to go end each other's lives in the name of dominion and politics. There's also famine and disease, like AIDS.

Oh but AIDS isn't natural either, not unless those politicians in the US that think rape isn't an excuse to want an abortion have moved on from women to zoo animals. That's right, it's not an exclusively gay disease. It was passed on from primates to humans, and then passed on largely by raping women.  

Stating the obvious, the LGBT community cannot breed more LGBT people. They can use artificial insemination to have children, or they can come to the realisation that they are gay after they've had children, but unlike some straight folk, gays do not strictly indoctrinate their children to be gay or else hit the road and then later burn in hell. Taking a look at the state of the world today, I say that we should embrace this community and allow more people to accept their true identity while they still have their whole lives ahead of them. It will really beat a global pandemic of killer flu, or seeing people starving on the streets while the super-rich get richer.

Furthermore, children should be educated properly, rather than be protected from it. The world itself needs to be protected from the ignorance of such parents, too. It's the militant attitudes of such people that lead to incidents such as the Colombine shootings or Sandy Hook. Guns kill people, sure, but it takes a hater to aim it at the innocent and to pull the trigger.

If this civilization, today, hasn't reached it's own plateau already, then what's not to say that we could be facing a catastophe of unimaginable proportions? God says "go forth and multiply," Mother Nature says "hold your fucking horses!" Which of those is the last one you saw with your own two eyes, and therefore which do you believe should come first?

3.) Did you know that Homosexuality has been feared as a form of Terrorism?

Homosexuality feared by religious anti-gay campaigners and governments as a form of terrorism

It's true! According to some fruit 'n' nut bar of a human being, chemical weapons exist that turn people gay. It's a noted conspiracy that a certain superpower has attempted to defeat their enemy by turning the population of their country into raging homos. Personally, if I was that sick in the head, I'd worry about the enemy invading my country, dressed in drag and trailing portable discos, crates of cheap wine and vodka, and a large supply of rohypnol. Looking back, that would have been a better response to the Taliban.

Of course, some companies market products like body sprays that contain pheromones to attract the opposite sex, and in a world where food is mass processed, we're consuming masses of chemically (and pregnancy) induced hormones, primarily in beef. So if you're one o' those God fearin' church-goin' commandment abidin' citizens that can't help but think of huge cocks whenever you grab a hotdog, you can now safely blame something other than you desire to sandwich your best friend's big fat one between a bread roll and some onions the next time you take your anti-fag signs to the stadium.

Let's not forget that the Occupy Wall Street movement was also classed as a terrorist organization for trying to expose corporate crime in modern poverty-stricken America. It's just stupid now. It's worse than Britain's "Political Correctness Gone Mad" years. I'm pretty sure that if Hitler was around today and wanted to be rid of the Jews by today's game rules, he'd just call them terrorists like we did the Nation of Islam.

But taking a look at all these homophobic nations around the world-the US, Russia, Africa, Saudi Arabia and India, to name a few-I really have to wonder if all these world leaders are genuinely afraid of homosexuality as though it is some kind of terrorist threat. Come on, people, if estrogen turned people gay then you better ban breast milk and jump off your mothers titties. If the LGBT community are terrorists, or the result of terrorism, then who is the mastermind? Neil Patrick Harris?

Gay actor Neil Patrick Harris in Harold & Kumar
"Ah yes, these are the WMG's I've been looking for!"
My conclusion:

In a society where we-just like our paranoid governments and plutocrats-invade the lives of others, we give them labels, classifications, sometimes warnings. We don't understand or take full responsibility for that, because it is these labels that allow others to declare hatred and then war on a people that only wish for a peaceful life. It's bad enough that there is already racism, sexism, ageism, religious and cultural conflict, and that we respond better to uniformity than to true unity as humankind. But we need to be able to tell the difference, sadly, so that the good ole boys out there won't shoot their "own kind" by accident.

Homosexuality is almost as old as Heterosexuality, they're both from a time before written records, unlike the words "Good" and "Evil". The difference? Being gay isn't the evil opposed to every religion's good. In fact, it's a blessing. It's proof that love can leap hurdles that even the unconditional love of some families will fall at. If you love someone that's the same as you, your family ought to love and understand you unconditionally. If they can't, that's their failure. We do search for a soul mate in life, and in a world that is so fractured and yet glued together, the best thing you can do is follow your instinct, and that's all it comes down to. Human instinct! We're not all the same and neither do we have to be. That is the meaning of freedom.

Politicians today should be ejected from power if they want to declare war on the LGBT community, because regardless of whether the haters are the minority or the majority, it goes against the nature of the human race. If there's an institution, like the military, that allows people to be killers, against God's will, then why is there no place for love? The only answer to that is because you're an ignorant fuck-puppet of society that has no mind of its own. You're part of the machine and the meat grinder that purees anything that doesn't contribute in exactly the fashion that's expected of you. And when your time is up, you go through the same process, with a mocking thanks for nothing.

If Humanity is to evolve beyond the threshold that dictates that we are only savages pretending to be so advanced, then so must Society, and so must its System. That means educating yourself, culturing yourself; you know... generally not being a moron with an aimlessly damaging opinion. It is written in history, plain for all to see!

Society must learn from its mistakes to stop denying the feedom and rights of others such as the LGBT community
Thank you for your patience and thank you for reading. If you have anything else to add on the current adversities faced by the LGBT community, we would appreciate hearing from you.

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