Nintendo Losing Money On The Wii U? recently did an article on Ninendo representative and CEO Saturo Iwata confirming that the Wii U is still operating at a loss and is considered a failure by Nintendo's upper brass!.

There has been considerable debate on the subject but honestly the company can blame hardcore titles like GTA V for the consoles continued losses but the fact still remains that this generation has only just started and Nintendo could save their  reputation by  conforming to the needs of the consumer.

In my latest video i suggest some improvements for the Wii U and how Nintendo could use this as a way to booster its faltering sales.

Nintendo Losing Money on the Wii U? by Nerdgenious

We are partnering up with the Daceman Show for their Dacetacular Gaming for a cause!

St. Jude's Children Hospital Charity

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The Line Up

  • RETRO!! NOON - 4 PM

    Kicking things off. Join the crew as they take on the world of 8-bit and their childhood! Watch as they battle through The X-Men Arcade Game, Punch Out, The Original Donkey Kong and more. The block will culminate with a Street Fighter 2 Tournament to find out who is the best SEGA Genesis Fighter.
  • SPORTS!! 4PM - 8 PM

    They may not be the most athletic bunch but they will take on sports from games such as from franchises such as WWE, MLB, NBA and NFL. Capping the four hour block off will be a Wii Sports Tourney most likely Tennis.

    This is peak gaming hours for the crew and it will literally be a Free for All. Playing anything we want doing whatever we want...and saying whatever we want. This block will be round out with a SUPER SMASH BROS. TOURNAMENT!!!

    All things shooting. Ranging from the Call of Duty Franchise to GoldenEye. From 3AM to 4AM when all the remaining people are delerious from lack of sleep we'll run around in TIME SPLITERS with a VIRUS Tournament!!
  • SKIN-A-MAX!! 4AM - 8AM

    Like the dirty old men/women we are, we will be playing all things Adult humor/situations during the 4 hours of naughtiness. No tournament this block just mass perversion and confusion.

    Like all infamous heroes we need the time of redemption Join the crew as they wrap up the event and finish fighting the good fight. They'll play Games such as InJustice, Marvel Ultimate Alliance and anything super hero related! 

The Prizes

For every $5 donated to the cause your name will be entered into a random drawing for awesome prizes brought to you by our sponsors!

  • $50 Amazon Gift Card
  • $25 Gift Cards to Gamestop
  • $25 Gift Card to AMC Theaters
  • $50 Gift Card to Cheese Cake Factory
  • Marvel Event Pack (Secret Invasion, House of M, Civil War and Avengers v.s. X-Men PaperBack)

Check back regularly to see what other awesome prizes we will be giving away.

    Fundraising Websites - Crowdrise

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