The Importance of a Good Heel and Face

The acronym K.I.S.S comes to mind every time I see anything wrestling related these days. From TNA to the WWE it seems that the product is falling constantly due to lack of concrete story telling and two main factors, the heel and the face.

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Take a look at TNA for example, a company that is supposed to be an alternative to the WWE's PG era and is supposed to cater towards the more die hard wrestling fan, but instead become a diluted variation of the WWE's own product with the introduction of the ace's and 8's the constant swerve's and the constant turning of each character it gets depressing!.

Take AJ styles for example...

Aj Styles defends the TNA World Heavyweight Championship outside TNA

AJ is to TNA what Sting is to WCW, the guy who was never seen as a main eventer but can work with anyone that the company wants to place in that position, he was able to elevate but was never considered at that level.

So what to do with someone like AJ?, give him a similar gimmick to stings crow gimmick attempting to make him the anti hero that the company needs and that the fans will embrace, yet they throw him in questionable storyline after storyline and then suddenly push him to the moon having him become the companies champion and have him feud with Dixie Carter?, Carter of all people?, who in their right mind would feud AJ Styles with Dixie Carter?, this is obviously no austin vs McMahon......

Wrestling with Robocop, alex murphy and sting

TNA isn't the only failure here take a look at WWE and the misuse of Daniel Bryan....

According to Bryan isn't being blamed for the low buyrate of SummerSlam but they felt that he wasn't a big enough star to draw people in.

Daniel Bryan the new WWE champion

I call rubbish on this, the blame needs to be placed on the WWE's shoot from the hip style booking, sudden changes and lack of respect for its audience is killing Bryan and Ortons main event chances, take a look at the current storyline with the establishment, Triple H and the Mc Mahons turn and beat down Bryan solidifying themselves as the heels, then they hand Bryan the WWE title on a silver platter allowing him to have his moment, then they strip him of the WWE title and have the two feud once again only to force feed the fans a no contest.

Now Bryans out and Show's in, a man who is in now way shape or form ready to carry the company for the foreseeable future.

The Face of your company should not be this man

Constant swerves and no idea of who the heel or face in this storyline killed Bryans chances for main event glory, the most over man in the company was silenced because the people in charge had no idea what they wanted and thus  brings a close to Bryan's main event career as he moves on to feud with the Wyatts and Show is placed in the main event spot.

So what now?, how can the company fix this?..

We'll i'm glad you asked, The WWE needs to solidify its heel's and face's, if they want Orton to go the route of company guy that Triple H and co want to be their paper champion then so be it, he needs to put the other guy over and i don't just mean in the ring, Orton needs to be the flair of the bunch talking about how great he is and how the next guy could be even greater don't tear down your opponent's because that's not what your oponent is there for.

Book a feud to last, revolve the feud around both Orton and Bryan do something similar to the corporation and have the storyline revolve around the entire roster, even when Stone Cold wasn't vying for the title he was embroiled in feuds with Mcmahon and his other cronies, the fact that this has not been done with Bryan shows the companies lack of faith in it's current roster which is a huge hypocrisy in my opinion.

If the WWE and TNA want to create new stars they need to focus on storytelling, establish stars and feuds and for heavens sake stop having Pay Per View matches on free TV, because no one wants to pay for something that they get on TV for free!.

It's time for a change and lets hope both companies understand that changing the product is the only way to keep the fan base engaged otherwise they will risk losing their audience.


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