Grand Theft Auto V Money Glitch: Make Millions of Dollars Fast

Grand Theft Auto Online has been plagued with glitches. Some are good, some are bad, while others can just make the game flat-out unplayable. Well, with a little searching, I was able to find a glitch that can make any low-level street rat a millionaire within minutes.

Funny Grand Theft Auto V Online Glitch Videos

Enclosed is a tutorial guide on how to utilize this glitch for your own nefarious means!

1. Use your phone and call Gerald for a job

2. Have your friend bring down a high-level car. I used Benefactor Swartzer Sports.

3. Accept the job from Gerald with both of you sitting in the car.

4. Play the job alone. Do not invite anyone!

5. Instead of doing the job, place the car in your garage. Once that's done, kill yourself and go to free mode.

6. Take the car to San Andreas Customs and sell it. The second after you sell it, click on start at the same time.

7. Go to swap character.

8. You will now have the car and 100k in your garage.

9. Rinse and repeat.

If you're interested in checking out some of my playthroughs of GTA, check out TheNerdGenious on YouTube.
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