The Importance of Good Wrestling Management

Since WWE's transition from the attitude Era to PG television the company has been lacking in vital star power besides the obvious choices such as Randy Orton and John Cena, certain methods have been tried and tested such as gimmicks, valets, and even stables, nothing has worked for the company.
brock_lesner and paul_heyman,

After Wrestlemania 28 WWE shocked the world with the return of Brock Lesner, former WWE champion and MMA superstar who set the WWE on fire by initiating a feud with John Cena,but since his return was part time creative needed to find a way to keep Lesner off of Tv and give hime a mouthpeace and so, Paul Heyman was contacted., paul e heyman, paul e dangerously

Heyman managed to keep Lesner fresh in everyone's minds, when Lesner was not around, Heyman was there, he worked a full time schedule and loved every minute of it, Heyman understood Brock better than anyone in the WWE and knew how to get the beast over with a simple mention of his name, with his quick wit and ability to drive storylines with a mere promo Heyman managed to make Lesners many feuds relevant.

bobby hennan, the henan family

Good management is a great way to get a wrestler over, there was a time where great WWE superstars needed good management, when a wrestler was in line to become champion but can't talk? make them a member of the Hennan Family, if you needed a wrestler to turn heel?, send them to percy pringle, when the Undertaker first started as an intense heel in the WWE they needed someone to talk for the dead man in order to get his character over they gave him three different managers before becoming synonymous with his manager Paul Bearer.

Management can do wonders for a career ready to make it to the main roster, with the return of Jack Swagger to the main event Jack needed a change and the one man that could do it was Zeb Colter the former WCW and WWE manager who primarily had a backstage role in the WWE, with Colters association Swagger headlined PPV's now Zeb is making waves as the manager of Antonia Cesaro while Heyman has managed the careers of both CM Punk and the former Michael Mcguilicutty, now with the companies resurgence of managers they have managed to do something that they couldn't do previously, get young talent over.

As for the future will the company makes this change permanent?, or is this just another temporary change before moving back to its old ways?, for now management seems to be high on both men and will hopefully lead the charge managing the next big heels to lead the charge against the John Cenas of the world.

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