I Got Gameplay Episode 30: Gameplay vs Story which is more dominant?

Episode 30 of the I Got Gameplay podcast is now online. On this episode Michael Burhan, Mike Paden, Miguel Leon and Samantha Jenings discuss the topic of gameplay vs story, which is more dominant in the gaming industry?, to join the discussion go to the I Got Gameplay facebook page or leave a comment.
You can check out this episode and the previous two by using the following links:

Lybsin: http://adf.ly/IwSX3

iTunes: http://adf.ly/IwSaK

Stitcher: http://adf.ly/IwSd0

If you'd like to join the discussion, like us on Facebook and comment on our page here: http://adf.ly/IwSfZ

You can also subscribe to the podcast's YouTube channel at http://adf.ly/IwShu

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