The Rise and Fall of the Ryback

Nerdgenious Presents WrestleRamblings, the rise and fall of Ryback, look into the career of Ryback and why his heel turn is such a bad idea 
Nerdgenious presents wrestleramblings the rise and fall of ryback, wrestling, wwe, ryback, skip sheffield, tough enough, john cena, wrestle talk, keeping kayfabe, smacktalk, smarkoutmomentExtreme Rules is only two weeks away and is being headlined by a rather lackluster main event in Ryback vs John Cena, now don't get me wrong, Ryback has the full package in terms of being a rather well rounded sports entertainer but this feud with Cena has kiled any credibility that this guy has had by highlighting his weakness on the mic making his face run all but irrelevant.

Nerdgenious Presents Wrestle Ramblings, the rise and fall of ryback, wwe, ecw, nxt, nexus, wrestling, ryback, skip sheffield
April 6 2012 was Ryback debuted in the WWE, returning from injury after a brief stint with the Nexus skip Sheffield was pegged as the next big breakout star squashing jobber after jobber similar to Goldberg;s initial WCW run, then on October 28th Ryback challenged Punk for the WWE championship giving the monster a chance at the big time and proving that a main event push was sustainable, even though Ryback lost he managed to look strong giving the monster more momentum in the coming months. November 18th 2012 Ryback again challenged for the title and was unsucessful after being taken out by the debuting shield, thus his losing streak continued but he still maintained credibility as he was not beaten clean by then WWE champion CM Punk. In the coming months Ryback continued to squash midcarders and lower card wrestlers alike only losing PPV matches.

Rybacks chance for redemption was at the Royal Rumble PPV as a win could have given the beast the push he needed to challenge for the world heavyweight championship leaving the WWE title behind him but alas that chance was given to John Cena in order to give him another opportunity against the Rock leaving Ryback in limbo for the foreseeable future. Creative needed to do something quick with this monster as his profile was diminishing and quickly so an idea was pitched to give Ryback a main event feud against the returning Mark Henry at wrestlemania to help give the beast a shot in the arm with a not only his first PPV win but a win on the biggest stage of them all, at Wrestlemania!.
Nerdgenious presents WrestleRamblings the rise and fall of ryback, wwe, mark henry, john cena, cm punk, royal rumble, wrestlemania extreme rules, skip sheffield, nexus, ryaback
Wrestlemania came and went with a match most deemed as forgettable and pointless a call was made to give Mark Henry the win a call that in my mind and the mind in those who where so willing to see Ryback succeed as pointless.

Ryback's heel run against John Cena is something of an anomaly as his character still maintains to be a face in the eyes of the general wrestling fan even though he has been stripped of everything that made the character Ryback into the main event star that he once was taking away his feed me more chants making his character whine and complain and even walk away when he would never usually run away from a fight, Ryback's character has done a complete 180 changing everything that made the character once great in order to turn him into a bog standard heel, the problem being that Ryback isn't your usual heel, he's completely different from the tacticians, the wrestlers, the workers and highflyers, Ryback is a monster and needs to be treated as such being on the attacking Cena whenever he gets the chance instead of runing away.

nerdgenious presents wrestle ramblings the rise and fall of ryback, wwe, skip sheffield, john cena, cm punk, royal rumble, wrestle mania extreme rulesThe worst part about this heel turn is the fact that he is facing John Cena, the company guy who has just won the WWE championship back from the Rock, I just don't see him taking the championship away from Cena's grasp so soon as the company needs their top guy holding the title and I do not believe that Ryback is seen as that guy at this point in time.

So what's left for this monster?, what can the WWE do to keep Ryback in the top position and allow Cena to retain the title?, they can't as we have now found that the two will be competing in a last man standing match and if Ryback loses this will spell the end of his main event run leaving his future in question.

Do you agree or disagree?

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