Techgenious - How to recondition a used Xbox 360 Wireless controller

The life of a gamer is a hard one, trying to stay on the pulse of whats new, following each game to completion.

Tireless hours of gameplay can take it's tool on a good game controller and for those who can't afford to replace their controller's due have other options.

I've created a guide for those of you who would like to try this method and have also provided a video tutorial which is contained in this post.

What you will need
 1) A current Xbox 360 controller
 2) A new back plate
 3) A new face plate
4) A new "back" button
5) a new "start" button
 6) A Torx T8 Security Screwdriver
 The other items should be included with your controller as long as the seller provides the packing with your shell.  
techgenious how to recondition your xbox 360 controller
You'll need to use your A Torx T8 Security Screwdriver to remove seven screws from the controller, you need to make sure that you have removed the battery at the back of the controller to remove the seventh screw. Once all screws are removed you can now remove the back of the controller
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Note: Some components inside will be prone to fall out. Be sure to prevent this from happening and keep the controller with the sticks, at least to some degree, facing in the downward position. (as shown in the picture)
Lay the Controller face down and start the process of removing the components, you can start by removing the motors by pulling them out by the clips.
Note: do this carefully as you do not want to pull out the wires, you just need to give it a small tug by placing both your finger and thumb around the clip and gently tugging from left to right to remove the clip.
1) Ever so tenderly remove the micro chip and associated components (it's one big piece) 2) Place the micro chip and associated components to the side (you will need it for a later step) 3) There are components behind this piece that will now be loose. DO NOT flip over the controller.
Remove the Rubber Covering and all buttons from within the case including the Xbox centre button and the A, B, X and Y buttons making sure that they are placed in the new shell in that order.
Unscrew the D Pad and click the back of the D pad out, the front will fall out after.
Remove the bumper, and put the shell aside as you will not be needing it anymore.
Place the A,B,X, and Y buttons in the front panel of the new shell NOTE: with the front of the "front panel" facing down the Y (yellow) is on the top, X (blue) is on the right, B (red) is on the left, and A (green) is on the bottom. place the "back" and "start" buttons in the front panel of the new shell NOTE: with the front of the "front panel" facing down the "back" button will be on the right and the "start" button will be on the left
Place the Xbox power button in it's housing in the new shell
Snap the two pieces of the D pad back in place and place the silicone cover over the buttons.
Place your new trigger buttons on the shell and fit them into place.
Clean and place the bumper back into place.
Place the board back into place.
Now it's time to remove the back triggers.
place a screw driver inside the hole of the trigger and push to one side remove the trigger and it should slip off nicely.
now that's done use the same method to replace the triggers and press both left and right triggers to make sure that they are in working order.
fit the motor back into place and replace the back panel, make sure that everything fits and screw the screws back into your new caseing.
now all thats left to do is replace the battery and start playing.
If you're having anymore trouble or just need to ask a question leave a comment below.
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