Ryder or Die (Oh Wait He's Dead)....

There was a time when Zack Ryder was on top of the world, Ryder had it all an internet show that was earning him a wage independent from his WWE contract, Ryder was getting rave reviews from other wrestlers at the top of the food chain, from the CM Punks, The John Cena's and the company was starting to take notice, the fans where chanting and the WWE started to listen gaining Ryder a United States title match at Tables Ladders and Chairs (2011).

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The United States Championship is where Ryders career peaked, having his show Z True Long Island Story becoming part of the WWE's youtube channel and suffering numerous delays, Ryder would then be embroiled in John Cena's embrace the hate storyline in-which we saw Ryder thrown off the stage, into an ambulance ad basically destroyed by Kane, Jack Swagger and Eve Torres, Ryder was then returned to lower card hell where he would remain to the middle of 2013.

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Ryder has attempted to return back to prominence but has had stalled push after stalled push trying to overcome his weaknesses and repackage himself to a more credible contender, being fed to heels like Ryback in order to cement his push thus Ryder is now left in limbo with no other option Ryder can either work independently and still live comfortably or stay in the WWE in order to redeem himself and show that he can evolve both as a wrestler and as a character, Ryder still sell's merchandise so the guys at the top won't be considering Ryder when it comes to the 2013 releases.

wrestleramblings, nerdgenious.com, youtube.com/thenerdgenious

With Ryder's career in doubt I for one will be wondering what the future has in store for this talent let's just hope that he doesn't end up in obscurity.

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