Geoff Jones Says GoodBye To The Green Power Ring

It's official Geoff Jones says goodbye to the Green Lantern faithful in Green Lantern 20 and thus has ended the story which began with Green Lantern rebirth, since the Rebirth storyline Jones has managed to bring the resurgence of the character making Hal Jordan and the Green Lanterns relevant in a society that once deemed the hero unfulfilling.

Jones has calved out new stories, new societies and legions upon legions of new lanterns expanding the green lantern universe into something with more depth, by doing so he has taken away a character from earth, a place that what over saturated with heroes and given him a presence far greater than characters like Superman, Batman or Wonderwoman and thus has made him interesting, Jones has also brought individuality to the supporting characters such as John Stuart and Guy Gardner giving them their own identity, their own lives which gave them reason to live, reason to fight.

Now with Issue 20 Jones bails out with his head held high ending the story that he's once told by giving completion to Hal Jordans rebirth and redeeming the once evil being known as Sinestro the man who was once deemed a villain in the Green Lantern Universe, Jones has made the average Lantern fan fall in love with the character once more and the non Lantern fan truly understand what made these characters great as for me i will be forever greatful to Jones for turning a franchise once due for cancellation back from the dead.

Thank you Geoff Jones for everything you have done for Hal and co you will sorley be missed.

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