The Good, The Bad and The Shield

It's been a long time but It's now back, yes ladies and gent's WrestleRamblings makes it's return to #Nerdgenious.

Now this week we see a tag title scene in TNA grow, The ace's and eight's become a more dominant force in TNA and Magnus still look green as he attempts to fight for the TNA television Championship .

We also sore the debut of the ref cam, a waste of space for the X - Division title that is competed under triple threat rules, I understand that Bischoff and Dixie want the division to carry more weight but are ending up making it all seem like a gimmick that will get tiresome over time.

In WWE news, CM Punk has apparently gone on hiatus leaving a huge hole in the company, there is an estimated return date but we have yet to hear a confirmation from either Punk or the WWE on that one, and i doubt that we will get one.

Vince and Co are looking at part timers Brock Lesner, Undertaker and Triple H to fill the hole but i doubt that this plan will help in the long term, looking as an outsider it would be beneficial for the WWE to look at its mid card to help elevate talent and bring guys like Kofi Kingston, Cesaro and Barett to the forefront giving each mid card title its own story in order to elevate more young up and comers just look at what the company is doing for the sheild a group i hope will gain its first championship by defeating Daniel Bryan and Kane for the tag team titles and giving further meaning to a division that has seen better days.

and finally Smarkoutmoment/Keeping Kayfabe podcasts are doing a joint Wrestling League, starting at extreme rules and ending at Wrestlemania 30 myself, Tony Mango, Mike Paden, Brandon Ligan and Chris Jester will be competing to be crowned the winner of this league you can check out the teams below you can help by tweeting #teamburhan to show your support for my team consisting of  Ambros, Rollins, Cena, Langston and Rhodes these four will hopefully prove frutiful for me but only time will tell.

That's it for this week guys make sure you check out my youtube channel The Nerdgenious for the pilot episode of wrestlerambings and more content, make sure you share this site, my channel and my podcast I Got Gameplay  and if you like what you see please donate.

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