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When Marvel announced the end of it's flagship title "The Amazing Spiderman" with it's 700 issue and the removal of Peter Parker as Spiderman when the new "Superior Spiderman" debut it left the companies loyal fans questioning whether this was the right move with Marvel's tradition of making promises and then negating on them once the backlash starts.

This isn't new however as Marvel has had the habit of making rash decisions and then recanting on them after the proverbial feces hits the fence, does anyone remember Ben Reilly? the former suitable replacement for Peter Parker?, the man who was supposed to take up the mantle of Spiderman as Peter and Mary Jane where moving on with their live's with their new daughter.

Ben was supposed to be the revealed as the real Peter Parker, and take up the mantle allowing his clone and Mary Jane to have a happy ending and raise their child giving the former Peter Parker that we all know and love a happy ending and giving readers a smooth transition to the new spiderman, what we got instead was numerous pointless stories, a never ending clone saga which eventually led to the death of a character that  people appreciated, someone that most of us want to see return to reclaim the mantle of the Scarlet Spider.

Marvel tried again with One More Day, changing Spiderman's timeline in order to make Peter Parker single again a life of a bachelor which no one wanted!, due to reader complaints Marvel recanted and now have the couple dating again.

Marvel decided to test the waters with Peter effectively killing him off in the ultimate Universe to see if they could change the character and measure the response, the problem is that the Ultimate universe isn't main continuity, it's not canonical and it doesn't effect the main timeline.

With the announcement of Marvel cancelling it's main titles and restarting it's lines under the marvel Now! banner an order was made to transition Marvel's flag ship character to a more darker Spiderman, one that shunned his moral compass and would save the world at any cost.

Marvel already had a ready made Spiderman who could take the mantel from Peter, a clone that managed to survive countless attempts on his life someone who is in dire need of redemption, that person is none other than Kane!.

Instead Spiderman writer Dan Slott went another route, he wanted to move the character in a different direction but, for some reason decided to fast track a transition in order to effectively kill off Peter Parker and redeem one of his greatest foes.

And with Amazing Spiderman 700 on shelves people swamped to the comic book store in drove's in order to say goodbye to their hero and find out who the Superior Spiderman will be.

Despite having the reveal leaked online, Amazing Spiderman managed to move to second Printing showing that sales where strong even though fan reaction was mixed and thus having Otto Octavious lead Marvel into its next phase.

But sadly Peter did not ride off into the sunset, instead we saw the character return in some manner in Superior Spiderman 1, after reading this issue it shows how much faith Marvel has in the new direction and that a back door has already been utilized to bring Peter back into main continuity,  and thus making Otto's redemption useless, if this was Marvels plan all along why bother with trying to redeem Octavius in the first place?.

Whatever Marvel and Slott decide in regards to the character's direction at least we can watch and laugh as Otto acts like a complete dick whilst in Peters body which by far is the most enjoyable element of this storyline.

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