A New Year and New #Nerdgenious!

This week you will see a few changes being made to NerdGenious!, a new site, new content and new playthroughs.

1/ all gaming content will now be posted on Fanboys Anonymous's IGot Gameplay YouTube channel, all other content including comic book reviews, television shows, wrestling and Simpolitics and all things computer related will be posted here.

2/ I will be adding a PayPal button for donations, I need some new gear to help in the sites ongoing expansion and the revival of my film studio Enigmar Entertainment Ltd.

3/I have been looking at the merging Xbox profiles post and have been attempting to rectify all issue's, it's an ongoing process so please be patient.

That's all for now and make sure you check out my playthroughs of two demo's on IGGP

Devil May Cry:

Retro City:

More to come guys, the quality will get a lot better I promise once i can bring my capture card over to my new location.

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