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I know that Raw has been taking a rather major hit in the ratings (stateside) due to the NFL but for me the show has been as good as any, there are a few issues tthat i am currently having but feel that WWE is taking the proper approach in terms of storyline progression.

Punk and Heyman have been the bright light in an otherwise cenaless show working with each legend in order to progress Punks Hell in the Cell storyline with Cena, with Cena being injured there is no other route that the duo can take and thus need to elevate Punk to the true heel that the brand deserves, thus by having him attempt to gain some levity over the legends by having them state that he is "the best in the world" is the best way to progress his character and defines Punk as one of the biggest names in the company.

Ryback has always been quiet a character, very generic, a carbon copy of a WWE powerhouse, someone who can literally beat his opponenets in squash matches and doesnt take too much to promote apart from a catchy catch phrase and a stern look but there is an issue, once the matches get longer it seems that Ryback gets slower, a prime example was his match with Tensai on Raw, he looked effective but really didn't go over as a strong character as he couldn't pick Tensai up for his finisher.

The WWE continues to promote Ryback vs Punk at its early stages i find a feud between these two as something they can do along the line but not yet, its too early and i would rather have a build that could make Ryback look strong and a credible contender, at this time i would rather have him feud with Miz over the IC title and move him up the ladder whilst developing the best in the world storyline for Punk, if they have these two collide too soon than it may ruin both mans opportunity at securing there position within the company.

TNA taking the TV title off of Devon was a good idea, he wasn't doing anything with it as contract negotiations have fallen through, having Joe secure the championship at least gives both meaning to the belt and Joe as a credible champion, he is literally a shining star that needs to be champion, if this works he could easily insert himself as the number two guy in the company if TNA allow's it to happen and allows the title to be used effectivly as a midcard step up to the TNA world championship.

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