WrestleRamblings - Oversaturation of a lost art

Wrestling has always been a business first and an art form second.

Like a lost love it has won fans and like any form of entertainment it has its many admirers, but here lies the issue, in a society that relies on television ratings in order to prove a show's sucess Wrestling is being outshone by americas other favourite passtime, Football.

With the NFL and no new progression in terms of storylines WWE has quickly dwindled in viewership but the company in general has still remained profitable.

This is due to the WWE's utilisation of online media, such as new content distribution partnerships with online providers such as youtube and Hulu which allow the WWE to gain a new audience from those dedicated to online content, you can also include ad revenue from the WWE's official website and distribution via itunes of all media and applications.

but thats not all, WWE distribute's it's own PPV events, sell's merchandise via their online store and house show's inwhich they also make earn revenue for ticket sale's.

The WWE also has its television arm with PPV buys and television deals with ION, USA, and Scyfy the company that Vince Mcmahon has built has managed to gross millions in profits and is making small time wrestlers into millionaires.

so you might ask, whats the problem?

Well the problem is content, the WWE are selling content but are not able to produce the desired content with it's current roster, not enough talent are being pushed to the main event level because there are too many writers on staff who believe that wrestler's need writers to get them over, the fact is only a handfull of WWE created talent need to have their promos scripted, and thus leads to an even bigger issue Networks want the big name talent!.

Networks such as ION request big name talent to sell the show and thus creates an oversaturation, no offence i don't wanna see the WWE champion on RAW, Smackdown, Main event, and Superstars, i don't want to see recap after recap of the WWE feuds from the big shows overselling a match that i've already seen a dozen time's before and thus WWE's problem's persist and provide's the viewer with a product that is nearly unwatchable because they have no control over what the viewer wants to see, Vince instead tell's us what he feels works.

My solution?, time to go back to the way thing's where, start recruting outside the WWE bubble, start looking at star power outside the company and utilise talent that take the initiative to stand out, afterall that's what Vince and Co are looking for talent that sell their brand and thus sell merchandise.

and a well established brand name means a strong fanbase.

But until someone actually starts trying to instigate change, than the WWE will just look at bigger and better ways of distributing their content instead of actually looking at the quality of the content given.

I will be back tomorrow with more WrestleRamblings


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