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Wrestling has always been described as a scripted sport, something that mainstream media has always shunned due to the general consensus of wrestling not being neither a "real sport" nor "scripted television" it's more so regarded in the same vein as reality television, a form of media were you can easily fit in without the experience one needs to be "a wrestler".

Due to this new found respect wrestling has been given companies such as TNA and WWE attempt to gain more mainstream attention by actively promoting celebrity participation even going so far as offering actors, television hosts and sudo celebrities a chance at working a match, thus a paradox is created shifting wrestling's paradime away from the die hard fans and closer to the reality tv model that remains and industry standard. With this change comes an impossible job at creating a new company guy, the torch bearer and media magnet that has had their name muttered in the same breath as Hugh Jackman but is respected the wrestling die hards similar to the Hulk Hogan's and Sting's of the 90's.

The WWE has managed to produce such a start in Ryback, giving him a Goldberg like push to the top of the card, having John Cena promote the beast that has been plowing his way through the lower card sling shotting himself to the main event, the problem is, the Goldberg like push doesn't work. Once you have the streak and the hype that's all the wrestler becomes gaining win after win until a single entity manages to take it, but once defeated the monster is placed back at the bottom of the card without a way to bring him back to the top without including the streak itself.

Goldberg had it all, the streak, the world heavyweight title and a company that proudly promoted him as such, the problem being that it all had to end, and end it did.

Enter Kevin Nash, Booker, wrestler and self promoting machine who had creative control over the whole WCW locker room and did whatever he felt like, Nash booked himself into a position where he took the title from Goldberg, dropped the title to Hogan and thus derailed Goldberg's career without any way to move forward, every time any company has attempted to promote Goldberg they have  used the streak as a way to get him over, but the wrestling community didn't buy into it a second time, and will never believe in the hype again. This is what WWE need's to consider with Ryback, he hasn't developed a  character, he hasn't had time to plow through the rest of the roster and elevate himself to an upper midcard player.

Hell in the Cell will be live Sunday Night and the Main event is CM Punk Vs Ryback, most are calling this one the biggest main events in WWE history, others are calling it a travesty, to me it seems like WWE's booking committee have booked themselves into a corner and thus are going to pay the price either way, will they ssacrifice Punks title reign?, or sacrifice Rybacks streak?, Ryback will eventually end up in lower card hell with
no chance in hell of ever returning.

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