Comics rundown update and why there is no new techgenious

Hey all,

I haven't posted a few blog updates yet, but will be doing them soon as I have a few exciting adventures that i need to update you all on.

I haven't done a new Techgenious update as of yet as i feel that I'm not ready to do a new Iphone IOS 6 update tutorial yet, as there is only a semitethered tutorial out there so im waiting and bracing myself for an IOS 6 untethered solution to come out before i make my tutorial and show you guys how to mod your iphone 4s/4 and 3GS as i feel that if i give you a tutorial for the semi tethered solution i would be just half assin it.

A new comics rundown is approaching and new reviews are coming, I just need to find time between my job hunts and other stuff i currently have going on as im attempting to sort my rather shitty situation out, one benefit of working security is that its a zero hour deal which means i can walk into a job and quit when i want, but it also leaves me without other options until i can get another job.

I'm toying with a few ideas but nothing has come into fruition in terms of actually providing me with the cash that i need to survive.

Bought some new games also and i will hopefully sort something out in time for my next payday :)

Ta ta for now

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