Comics Rundown - New York Comic Con

News from New York Comic Con has been rampant this past week so i'll lightly touch on the solicitations, by 2013 We will be looking at not only new releases, but a reboot of both Marvel as DC continues to tweak it's own universe in order to help the new 52 strive and aid the rebirth of it's character's and increase sales.

Now let's start with the big one:

Superier Spiderman Not Peter Parker!!!

Alot of comic enthusiast's believe that this is a ruse, that Peter will either work under a sudo name or that this would be another clone taking the mantel, well word of mouth speculates that Peter won't be reprising the superhero mantel of Spiderman but may remain in the earth 616 continuity.

If so it will only be a matter of time before Peter takes up the mantel of Spiderman once again when the series struggles once again to connect with it's audience.

Apart from my many doubt's this is a bold move and something Marvel is doing to see if the publisher can attract a new audience, in hopes that the company can re-invigerate itself in 2012.

The seeds will be sown from the cancellation of Amazing Spiderman with it's 700 issue and the eventual death of Doctor otto Octavius.

Will i be picking up a copy of both issue's, well in order to see what the fuss is all about of course, but I don't know if i can add superier into my regular comic book intake.

In other news....

DC Comics Cancelling 4 titles, will it be the new 52 still or will they be cutting down to 48 titles?

with the addition of a new Superman title to the already crowded franchise and the new threshold series looking into duality of Good vs Evil, that only brings DC up to 50 titles, where will the other two titles come from?, if so that signifies the final end of the 52 commitment as we know it which is a shame as DC has upped it's commitment to revamping it's roster in order to give it's followers something to sink their teeth into.

Will this mean integration of characters that were benched during the rebirth?, maybe so...

the titles being cancelled btw are


so if you're a fan of each title than sorry for your damn luck!

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