Wrestleramblings - The Importance of being Punk

CM Punk has literally been on a role as of late, working match after match and finally securing the main event spot ahead of part timers such as Broke Lesner, Triple H, the undertaker and the rock.

The reason being?, Punk has his finger on the pulse, understands what wrestling is all about, its the same thing actors and entertainers have, securing ones brand, but in wrestling its moreso a collaborative effort, when Punk cut his first big promo acknowledging the WWE's flaws it propelled the company into the media spotlight having those who wouldn't normally acknowledge wrestling to do so, for a few months people where tuning in waiting to see what was next for the mighty CM Punk, it kinda brought about a renaissance to the WWE's old school style and approach a kind of combination between the attitude era and the Rock and wrestling era that us hardcore fans remember and hold so dearly, but there was a major roadblock that stopped Punk from achieving his goal of making wrestling relevant again, creative...

Creative isn't a bad thing and once utilized can work wonders when given to the right wrestlers, guys such as Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles, Kane have all used writers to hone their characters and have excelled with the story lines given, but someone like CM Punk needs creative freedom moreso than someone like Cena, the Rock of Triple H, Punk can turn up the head and play the baby face and can be utilised as the biggest heel the company has going, he is defined as one of the most versatile individuals on the mic, in the ring and even on commentary, because Punk really is the best in the world.

Now what do they do with the best?, pair him with someone of unique standing and who is very likeminded, that man is Paul Heyman...

For now the pairing has been amicable focusing the spotlight on both men, but in order to make these men a constant presence in the main event they will need to add a third, a third person to the dynamic that will help elevate Punks heel character, maybe someone like Brock Lesner.

Lesner and Punk share a common bond that is that both men wanted to leave the WWE under their own terms, and made their own decisive choices in terms of how they were represented within the companies dynamic you can also add to the fact that Brock is strong, barely beatable and can literally destroy his opponents, now there has been rumors swirling that Brock will end up winning the WWE championship at some point but for me I would rather see him win the title that is lacking prestige at this point in time, why not have him win the World Heavyweight championship on Smackdown, have challengers continuously battle Brock in order to make the championship relevant again, by doing so make smackdown relevant again.

By having both Heyman guys literally destroy the competition the WWE can get the well needed feuds that could not only bring forth a storyline of a rather dominant faction that would be near enough unstoppable, but it would also make face challengers like cena relevant again.

what do you all think and how would you play this storyline?

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