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A futuristic police officer in armour and a helmet that covers all but his mouth stands on the corner of a building roof with a gun in his hand as large tower blocks burn behind him. Above the man reads a tagline "Judgment is Coming".
Theatrical poster
Directed by Pete Travis
Produced by
Written by Alex Garland
Based on Judge Dredd by
John Wagner
Carlos Ezquerra
Music by Paul Leonard-Morgan[1]
Cinematography Anthony Dod Mantle[2]
Editing by Mark Eckersley
Distributed by
Release date(s)
  • 11 July 2012 (San-Diego Comic Con)
  • 7 September 2012 (United Kingdom[3])
Running time 95 minutes[4]
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Budget $45 million[5]
Box office $1.7 million

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Now I just wanna take this time to thank all of you guys for your constant support, it means alot to me that this sight is still up and running even though I have taken considerable time off to do "other things" I'm back now though so hopefully we can keep this site running the way its supposed to.

Firstly I would like to say that this film under no uncertain terms should be compared to the Stallone shitfest that is Judge Dredd, that film made Demolition man look like an oscar contender and was moreso a vanity project for Stallone than an actual comic book movie based on the 200AD comic book franchise.

Now Dredd itself seems more legit, Karl Urban actually portrayed the character in a positive light and showed that he did proper research on the background of the character in order to emote his rather aggressive yet timid nature, this speaks volumes of Urbans abilities and has shined a positive light on a rather risky style of filming that relied on the 3D genre to work as its main selling point rather than focus on story an plot which would have actually brought more people to the cinema rather than turn them away.

The worst part about relying on 3D is that it is a commodity, solely being used to bring people into the cinema rather than highlighting a films strengths, when 3D is the only strength you know that your taking a rather unneeded risk, a rather lazy one i may add.

Even though Urban portrayed Dredd flawlessly there was still a lack of depth with the character, no one seemed to know what they wanted from him, there was lack of backstory, lack of understanding which led to me dissociating with the character, I couldn't invest in him at all because i had no idea who i was investing in, why Dredd acted the way he did, what his motivation was there was no shred of humanity that i could even cling onto.

His partner Anderson seemed like the focal point, the one person we needed to empathise with, a struggling judge who couldn't seem to grasp her role until the end, she seemed moreso like the character you could draw yourself into but again was tossed aside in order to focus on the killing spree horror genre style that was been made famous by the saw and final destination franchises, a body count higher than the actual ticket price for this movie that actually left me regretting my film choice.

Now before i get inundated with emails about how i lacked understanding of the films narrative the fact is i did not, they attempted to work moreso on the visual effects and relied too much on the 3D technology to bolster sales which actually made the writing weak, the fact is once a writer gets lazy it lets the whole film genre and the story your trying to tell fail, you cannot come back from this rather lazy choice and it made everything else seem a little dumbed down, too bad for a movie i really hoped would light a fire under the Judge Dredd franchise and highlight the comics strengths and leave me craving for more.

3 out of 5

Simple fact this movie was nothing special, lazy writing is the one thing that let this movie down and it just seemed like everyone was on auto pilot.

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