Comics Rundown - From the Darkness into the light....

Whilst waiting for IOS 6 to download I have decided to take a step back and catch up on my reading (so to speak).

So lets look at the treasure trove of comics and look at whats currently hot or whats not worth the read.

Avengers Vs Xmen 1 - 11

Hope the second coming of all mutant kind has been marked as the new host of the phoenix force thus will spell the end of all mankind, enter the avengers, led by Captain America the avengers attempt to find a way to destroy the phoenix force whilst attempting to save the world in the process, but alas the X-men have other plans.

Although the idea behind the A vs X seems ridiculous, the story goes above and beyond to bring forth the notion of absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The subtext of the story tells of Cyclops decent into madness and brings full circle the new evolution of the X-men and how anyone (including Xavier himself) can turn from hero to villian with the idea of a perfect world molded in their own image, it makes you understand as to why individuals such as Magneto have caused so much chaos and how in order to create a utopian society (see also watchman).

Green Lantern 0

Meet Baz, an individual who became a person of interest to the federal government, also add the fact that he's arab and get ready to read something rather different from your usual green lantern story.

The guardians have gone mad, the world is looking for known terrorists and the hero of the story is a known car thief with a conscience, plus we get to find out what actually happened to Hal Jordan and Sinistro, a must read for all Green Lantern fans.

Red Hood and the Outlaws 0

Look into the mind of Jason Todd a man who died, came back to life, and attempted to bring down his very own mentor, we take a look back at his creation, his ascension and his attempt to bring some solace to an otherwise tortured soul.

A must read for any batman enthusiast, Jason is an enigma of sorts a character who seems to have an understanding of his mentors ideals but uses his own twisted methods to accomplish these goals.

Thats all for now, ill be back with another review of this weeks events in tv and wrestling

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