Simpolitics - Tax avoidance and mob mentality

For the last couple of days all I've been hearing about is a rather biased an ignorant viewpoint on the comedian jimmy carr and his financial situation and I'm sorry but it's making me sick!

The worst thing about this situation is that the people who are lambasting mr Carr over his finances should know better as they seem to project a viewpoint of anger and disdain at a man who has donee nothing wrong, despite stating that the issue (as most members of parliament are stating ) is morally wrong?, and the fact that the HMRC ( whose written off billions of debt for big businesses such as Vodafone), are looking into how much mr Carr may owe and if they can claim any of it back even though it's a legal loophole in our tax system?, does anyone else see how stupid people are being right now?.

My main issue is hypocrisy, the fact that intelligent people objectify mob mentality, but yet will advocate it's use in the name of doing what's morally right even though mr Carr reported it to the HMRC, saved for his family and worked his arse off for that money yet the moron who leaked the info who violated the data protection act gets off Scott free because he or she was doing a public service?

If you want to morally look at the situation then what right does the government have to look at this situation when they are being backed by lord Ashcroft a member of parliament who pays nothing to the uk!, or Mr Cameron's family who all hold non domicile status yet live here without paying tax because they can manipulate the law!.

Common sense prevails in this situation and by god a the man with the most sense in this situation had to be Jeremy Clarkson a man who is considered a Loud mouth by most but someone who has the upmost respect for mr Carr an utter distain for the morons lambasting the guy, and the fact is if most spoke out for him rather than against him we wouldn't have this country knee deep in a recession because people would be doing what is morally right like looking for an inquest into our governments books, policies that can help the lower class and the homeless elevate themselves and allow children from low income families to progress with more training and less cuts in undergrad courses to fill gaps in the jobs market for specialist roles such as education.

With the suggestion of cutting benefits an limiting the amount of families we as a country are in for quiet a ride and the gap between rich and poor will be so big that by the end of this century the uk will be worse off than ever before if we keep allowing people to instigate and not tackle our countries deficit head on than we will divide our own society even further but not by race moreso by class, and this inturn will lead to a downward spiral of segregation and mass homelessnes so next time you look at a paper or watch the news think and do a little research before condemning someone who has done nothing wrong, If you want to condemn someone, condemn the ones who have created these loopholes for their own selfish uses.

That's all from me for today

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