Can power rangers survive in a more mature world?

My schedule has been rather hectic since starting my new position as a security guard, with a ten hour schedule per day and a rather hectic week ahead i've become become more acustomed to watching youtube videos off of my Iphone 4, and since doing this i have become reaquainted with an old friend, the show known as the Mighty Morphin Power rangers.

For those who have no idea why this show is even being mentioned, well it's because as a child I had to make a transition to a young adult and besides a few cartoons there wasn't really much in regards to entertainment, so when mighty morphin power rangers debuted it was something rather different from the usual variety of kids shows, the show had everything from action packed fighting sequences to awkward social situations and even Abit of comic relief.

The shows premise was simple, take a bunch of teenagers, make the superhero's, have them fight evil (usually from the same antagonist) and then find some kind of resolution in order to provide today's youth with a meaning, some kind of morality subtext that would make your mum and dad feel ashamed, oh what good times to be had by all and to tell you the truth times were good.

In the late 90's viewership was at a loss, with constant contract disputes the heads behind the show needed to find ways to save money and continue the brand without sacrificing its simplicity, after all the shows true stars where the sentai footage inwhich the show mostly drew itself on right?, right?

Not necessarily, fans of the show wanted more dramatic stories and wanted to see the characters develop more in new situations with different challenges, hell, that's the reason why buffy the vampire slayer stayed fresh, and thus brings the problem, nothing changed for the former rangers no matter who was in place or who the villain was the rangers were never challenged and never needed to isolate a new threat, they just had new Zords more powerful Morphers and bigger a newer abilities and allies, and thus the simplicity stayed the same without change, without a way to bring in new audiences or keep the ones they had, just look at the transition from tommy's power rangers turbo group to Tj's or from Tj's to the stand alone shows they all have the same premise and same type of people in different social situations only straying from the template with specials such as forever red or a team up episode, there's no development for any of the main cast (with the exception of Tommy the former leader and Bulk and Skull the series comic relief), the question is why? Why not allow them to build
These characters past the angel grove bubble i'n which the writers had built for them? Well the answer is two fold saban realised that they could profit more off the toys and the sentai footage alone so once the footage is finished they can just move on to the next series, they didn't need to focus on characters that wouldn't be the focal point of the show past their initial season so why bother...

But herein lies the genius, something that they could easily run parallel with the current season of power rangers, have the initial team return and bring them back with a backstory fitting each individual character, have a terror so sinister, so familiar that no other ranger can stop it! , and that's not all, focus on the individual stories and bring each character back for the first four episodes develop their new lives families broken dreams and accomplishments since leaving angel grove, and make sure it ties up all the characters loose ends ensuring that these are the rangers that we are familiar with and that the stakes have risen so badly that they need to work together in order to insure the survival of earth.

Because that's all that matters, story, an what a better way to bring a newer audience to the franchise or to reintroduce a more mature audience like myself who left the franchise after it became to monotonous by introducing a more fresh approach with an adult orientated franchise that branches off of a kids show, it would help re establish the power rangers and make them more than just a cult American marketing machine it would give the original team a breath of fresh and single handedly revive the franchise and bring it back to its dominant past.

Heres hoping...

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