Reality Television, annoying crude and worst of all detrimental!

To say that i loathe reality television is an understatement...

I hate Reality television with a passion, a passion that is mirrored by my uttermost distain for any untalented little festering rodant of a human being that believes that their five minutes of fame will attest to movie roles, a singing career, or utmost anything other than a magazine spread.

Since the inception of Big Brother, executives have sought after reality shows as a way to produce cheap programming which will transition viewers to other shows on said network, for some reason people really love to watch Kim Kardashain talk openely about breaking the law in order to give the love of her life a passport (im not kidding this actually was on an episode that i was forced to watch), salivating at the fact that they may see a nip slip or someone faking sex in a bathtube on an episode of big brother, leering at a contestant being mocked openly (and this has been done to death) on a supposed talent show.

Now don't get me wrong, I am as much of a hypocrit as most of these morons that throw themselves at the mercy of their audience in hopes that they can transition their dumb exploits in the only way is essex into a hollywood movie role but at least i can openly say that i attempted to use reality television and its popularity in its heyday in order to get a free ticket to the united states in order to find a permanent home in a country that i adored, and yes I was on an episode of Balls of Steel being chatted up by the lovely and rather sexy Dawn porter who later on went to star in numerous documentaries highlighting more serious questions in society and of the individual so i think for this i deserve a small pass for my past forays into this god fosaken sespool of television genre.

The fact is reality television has created a slew of D list stars and attention whores who have done nothing but constantly moan and complain about being in the public eye when things do not work out in their favour, they have given us the most annoying and rather egotistical little characters that invoke hate when their fans (and i use the term lossely) realise that these people are nothing more than one trick ponies that don't dance for their amusement outside of their associated shows, and the sad truth is that this genre of television is not only killing off scripted television where real actors actually play characters that do not mimick the cast of jersey shore but it is also killing of the television genre as a whole, with constant use and watered down characters reality television is failing to produce something new, so producers, editors and talented fx people attempt to cause conflict, start to script certain cenarios and change their rather bland characters in order to shake things up in hopes they can turn their failed shows around, but alas it will never happen.

Now, before anyone starts flaming me let me just state that i don't mind show's such as X factor and The Voice as long as they are actually creating new stars instead of focusing on the conflict of the shows judge's because if they are not focusing on the talent then what is the point of having a talent contest?, why not just have the judges live together and beat the shit out of eachother for the next year it would probably provide better ratings!.

Do you agree?, disagree or think i need a punch in the mout?

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