More Simpolitics, Smacktalk and a decisive decision

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who voted on the third of May, because of your vote the conservatives and liberal democrats have taken a huge hit, this signifies change, change hopefully which will make the coalition government listen.

I will hopefully be making simpolitics into a political show but will have to wait until my schedule slows abit.

This weeks Smacktalk was abit controversial on my part and i said some things that most may take offense to, that being said i do not and will not apologize for my remarks as they were said in jest, the Benoit Tragedy was something that will forever impact on the wrestling industry and those who embark upon that career, I for one am a firm believer that Benoit made a choice and that his choice invoked consequences, consequences that will tarnish Benoits legacy, and I for one do not condone a man killing a child, Benoit in my mind will forever burn in hell for his actions.

And as for my remarks, I never made any mention of Benoit or his son, more so an opinion about Nancy and Necrophilia, It was never meant to be taken seriously.

Extreme Rules was overall a good show and for me more than made up for wrestlemania, what i felt it was lacking though was a strong midcard, if the WWE can utilise the tag team division correctly and bring together more of its up and comers into the mix i believe they can put together stronger and more focused shows.

thats it for this week and I will hopefully be working on making more nerdgenious vids and updating this blog properly once my hectic schedule has slowed down abit

See you next week


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