Wrestlemania moments, and the downfall of humanity...

Economics, money, whatever you want to blame todays current recession it really pales in comparison to a companies need to self promote itself whilst making sure you, the viewer cough up your well earned 65 bucks (£15), don't know what i mean?, well?

This years wrestlemania was considered an all around good show by many a wrestling enthusiast, I, however see this as something of a great deal of disrespect for the wrestling community as a whole...

Every year, Wrestlemania was used as a tool to showcase the rather talented roster and tie up story lines in order to bring an end to certain feuds and spawn feuds anew.

Well this year Wrestlemania was a big advertising  blunder, the wwe booking team literally had the matches play second fiddle to the advertising bonanza that is product placement, when i wasn't being bombarded with shitty commercials highlighting the WWE's lust for all things American, or showcasing their comedic and rather shitty skills they would then attempt to have the crowd empaphis with none sensicle booking and sporadic title changes, which devoided the meaning of the title in question and the competitors who where vying for it, it pissed me off to no end and literally had me (as Kane so lovingly put it) embracing the fucking hate.

I loathed this PPV, this disgusting pustual festuring little shit stain of a Pay Per view because it made me shell out money for nothing, I wanted to see Daniel Bryan vs Shemus, it gave me an 18 second piece of shit that they called a match, which left myself and the audience seething, I wanted to See Big Show take on Cody Rhodes for the intercontinental championship in hopes that the two would put on a stellar performance all i was given was a a five minute beatdown that left Cody a shell of his former self, I wanted to see Taker vs Triple H tear down the hell in the cell in what could be called a stellar final performance, What i was given was two old men literally clambering to their careers with a bland performance which was only saved by the appearance of shawn Michaels.

Wrestlemania did have its moments, like with Punk vs Jericho but that was it, the rock vs cena match was literally sub par and had the rock breathing heavily because he wasn't in ring shape, thats the sad part, the guy wasn't even in shape to perform!.

All i have to say for this lackluster PPV is good riddence, and I hope the WWE has learnt its lesson never to fuck with it's fans ever again, because if i see another one of these terrible PPV's i will literally tap out!.

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That's all for now, will be back tomorrow with two new posts and hopefully the finished re-writing the book.

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