The Simpolitics of the Mayoral Elections and the Inane Hypocrisy of Ken Livingston

It's funny how intelligent individuals and political atheists alike seem to have forgotten quickly who Ken Livingstone is, was and is currently playing...


Ken Is a wolf in sheep's clothing..

Livingstone uses his LBC radio show and political strengths in order to place the blame solely on his Tory counterpart and current Mayor of London Boris Johnson for the transport systems current failings and constant strangle hold on the commuter with constant fair hikes and unjustifiable hikes on fuel duty, I understand that being the mayor of London has not been an easy ride for Mr Johnson, since his term in office started he has been plagued by political scandal at mere association, his choice of deputy mayor has been less than steller and his party has done nothing to help the middle class and poreer groups and has only aided those in need when it has something to gain for the its richer constituents.

But guilty by association should not be the reason to persecute an individual, we need to look at each members strengths in this election and look at what each individual can bring to the proverbial table, to put it in lamens terms look at what each candidate can do for you, what can they do to help the people instead of believing in what they say they can do!.

Livingstone no doubt speaks ill of his competitor but has not made a justifiable reason as to why Johnson has failed..

Since becoming Mayor of London Johnson has decreased the Congestion charge zone by eliminating the western extension and has eliminated the CO2 emissions based charging, it meant that a £25 charge was not implemented which would have further seen the tax payer charged further over the right to drive in and out of the London congestion charge area, 

I understand that Livingstone is attempting to gain votes by making promises that he can't keep including the 17% cut in ticket prices and a 4 year freeze on the congestion charge but the fact still remains he has yet to affirm this, and would probably do a u-turn if elected,

Johnson is also responsible for the London Bike Ride or Boris Bikes as they are known, it has been disputed that this was an of Livingstones prior to his last days in office, if that is true that I still applaud Johnson for bringing the idea into fruition and not solely placing the burden on the taxpayer to fund the scheme.

These are only a few of the issues that i find with Livingstones hipocracy and its upto us to make sure that this snake of a human being doesn't get a chance to climb back into the mayoral seat, if he does im sure that it will further the gap between the rich and poor and will only further Livingstones legacy as a self serving hypocrite.

But again that's up to you, the taxpayer....

All this and more will be covered in my new youtube show which will hopefully breakdown the issue's and concerns of the general public and simplify politics in order to allow everyone to understand clearly what these guys can do for us, after all its what the politicians can do for you that makes voting all the more sweeter as they clamor on to the reigns in order to appease the masses so that their own needs are served they will do anything in order to remain relevant in a society that has seen a recession come and go with no aid from its so called government.

I will be posting my first episode which will be a monthly series...

See you tomorrow for a rather lighter comics review


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