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Ok, this week I'm going to review another game haven't decided which one yet, but will be doing that shortly...

I need to ask you guys a for a favour, My channel needs more views, likes in order to spread the word and allow it to grow there is alot of diverse content including my vlogs, playthroughs, and New Episodic shows, but in order for me to keep doing this I need you to like, comment and subscribe to my channel and the videos on that channel Including a Very British Review which will have a new episode every month.

So what Do i need from your beautiful selves?, simple Click on this link Subscribe to my channel, comment on the videos and like them, thats all and those who do all these things will be entered into my monthly draw to win either 2100 Microsoft points or a £20 psn voucher,

Tonight I will be uploading part one of Season 3 Of my Playthroughs, I've already anounced on my Vlog that it will be Castle Crashers, a great hack and slash side scroller by the Behemoth, it's one of my favorite little Xbox arcade titles so I thought i would play the game from scratch.

The Pilot for Rewriting the book is still in post production, once i've gotten the intro and outro rendered than it should make editing a much easier task so hopefully it will be up by tonight also.

Thats it for now,

Will be posting more later

See you soon

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