Raw and Smackdown Reactions: Overanalysis of Wrestling

Raw this week was aired from my home the united Kingdom, and to say that the show was lackluster is an understatement, I understand that the WWE is attempting to tie John Lauranitis and Brock Lesner together, but his assertion into the program is not needed it doesn't help either man, Laurinitus is playing towards his strengths as a major heel character but doesn't help elevate the Cena/Brock feud.

I hate the Lord Tensi character, Albert has dominated the roster but has done nothing to elevate his gimmick, he just attempts to play towards the same big man strengths but its with a company that is dominated by Big Men, having him with his generic gimmick and supposed major heel push it doesn't do anything to make Albert a legitimate threat to the WWE title nor John Cena, it's sad to see someone with so much promise do nothing with the opportunity given.

 Is it me?, or is Daniel Bryan getting better and better, his character is developing into something of a main event heel and he really should have the title back around his waste sooner rather than later.

Speaking of World champions, Sheamus has been a lackluster champion thus far, is it Sheamus's fault?, no, i believe he hasn't been given total control of his character and has thus fallen into despair, can he come back from this?, maybe but more stories need to be developed and Sheamus's reign needs to be made more legitimate by having more and more legitimate opponents gunning for sheamus's world title.

Well that's all today, it hasn't been a great week in terms of wrestling or my personal life and thus the reason for me not posting as much in terms of blogging, I should be back posting three or four posts next week.

Hope you all are well

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