Avengers Assemble (Kinda) for Extreme Rules!

Before I start with my Extreme Rules Predictions I want to give a quick review of the Avengers Movie, a more indepth review will come after everyone has seen the movie, as I will not spoil the film for the rest.

The Film itself tied everything from the individual films together, a small recap was shown on how the catalyst (the element that drove these events) was introduced and how it brought captain America, Iron Man, Thor and The Hulk together

With the exception of the Hulk, each actor played their role rather flawlessly, each had their own side story and resolution but I felt that Banner could have been utilized more effectively but was given less screen time in favor of the Hulk character, the CGI was amazingly done and as always with Josh Whendons Film's it had a great mix of comedy, science fiction and story.

My only gripe? Bruce Banner, I felt that Norton would have suited the role, his addition would have given another polarizing figure that could have held his own against Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, and Chris Hemsworth, don't get me wrong, Mark Ruffalo did an amazing job, the best he could with the character but i didn't feel that he knew Banner or understood the character with his delivery (Sorry Mark), maybe that's why his screen time was more limited as opposed to Banners alter ego.

If you love the individual movies I would suggest the Avengers, if you haven't seen Captain America or Thor then this movie will definitely make you want to go back and see the progression of  the story, its something i feel that Hollywood has been lacking in terms of of its major releases.

Will i rate the movie at all?

well you'll have to wait until my actual review but know that this movie has quickly become one of my favorite comic book movies and will need something huge to knock it out of my top ten.

Extreme Rules is tonight and I for one am extremely excited!

Brock Lesners return has been booked rather favorable by the WWE and has seen him rise to the dominant heel position that he now coverts, will Brock be able to Knock Cena off as the companies top guy?, well it has been said that Cena is working through a few nagging injuries and may need time off, If Tony Mango is right Brock may get the win here and hold the WWE roster hostage with his demands, it may turn into something rather entertaining in terms of story.

The Divas Championship match for me is gonna be something quick i don't believe that Beth will be able to actually compete so they may insert another Diva into Beths spot, Tony Mango has suggested that Eve will be that replacement and abuse her position as Administrator to John Laurinitus.

Cm Punk vs Chris Jericho for the WWE championship will be a classic and may be the show stealer, I see Punk redeeming himself and ending his current feud with Jericho, i do not see Jericho winning the WWE championship moreso cementing Punk as the Companies top guy!.

The World championship match will see Bryan defeating Sheamus, I don't feel that Sheamus has been utilised properly as the companies top guy, he has done nothing on the blue brand to deserve his status as World Champion and don't believe that he will come out ontop with this match, but if WWE creative are firmly behind the irishman then he may get the upperhand on Bryan and retain, I just hope the former happens more than the latter.

Us title Miz vs Santino will be nothing special I see Miz winning this match and capturing the United States championship which i believe shouldn't happen as Miz is above the title, and deserves to be seen as an uppermidcarder rather than a midcard champion.

Big Show vs Cody roads will have roads hopefully win back the IC championship, there is no point with Show who has been barely utilised as an intercontinental champion, he has done nothing with the belt since winning it.

Well thats it for now, If you want to see more of my picks and see my reactions go to www.smarkoutmoment.com as i will be immersed in chat with Tony Mango and Hakan again picking apart this ppv to see if it exceeds my expectatons or pales in comparison.

See you tomorrow for my comics roundup


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