Batman kills a dame for a fable 2

Today has been rather taxing and haven't had a chance to sleep as of yet, does that mean I will?, sooner rather than later methinks.

My daughters and I went swimming this week, it was alot of fun and i can't believe how much fun i had, most of the time i spent in the pool was asking my three year old to get into the pool, poor little thing was afraid but i calmed her down.

This week, it was speculated that Ryan Reynolds will be Picking up the cowl, I'm not a fan of this movie as it was also rumored that Reynolds would be continuing the role of Hal Jordan in the second green lantern movie, so If Reynolds is doing both and the Deadpool Movie then i really think people are gonna get sick of these characters quick.

Pick one Ryan and stick with it, I don't want to see your face on the entire justice league!.

motion capture be damned!

In other film news....

Sin City two will finally see the light of day, The Weinsteins have announced that Rodrigues and Miller will re-team for a Dame to Kill for, no cast members have been announced as of yet but it has been rumored that Rodrigues is looking to cast Mel Gibson in an unspecified role, I for one don't mind seeing Gibson take on a classic as it is re imagined for the big screen.

If you get the chance I would appreciate it if you guys took a look at the pilot episode for a new series that I have debuted on Nerdgenious's youtube channel

or you can view it here...

Tonight see's the debut of Season 3 and 4 of Nerdgenious Playthroughs, lets play, featuring Fable 2 and Castle Crashers, make sure that you go to my channel and take a look.

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